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TRO or tro may refer to:

  • Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation
  • Temporary restraining order
  • Tro (instrument) is the generic name for traditional bowed string instruments of Cambodia
  • "Tro" (song), a 1996 hit song by Swedish pop singer Marie Fredriksson
  • TRO (gene) (trophinin), a human protein involved in cell adhesion
  • Top rank objective in strategic planning
  • IATA Airport Code for Taree Airport
  • The Richmond Organization, Inc., an international music publishing business established by Howie Richmond
  • One of the lesser gods of African traditional religion (Ghana)
Tro (instrument)

Tro is the generic name for traditional bowed string instruments in Cambodia.

Instruments in this family include the two-stringed tro u, tro sau toch, tro sau thom, and tro che, as well as the three-stringed tro Khmer spike fiddle.

Tro (song)

"Tro" is a ballad in Swedish, written and sung by Swedish pop singer Marie Fredriksson in the Swedish pop duo Roxette. She scored a hit with the song in 1996, when it was released as a single and it was released on her album I en tid som vår. The song is about belief, but the lyrics don't mention anything about religion.

TRO (company)

TRO is a healthcare design firm headquartered in Boston, MA. The firm has a multidisciplinary service offering of architecture, engineering and interior design. TRO celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009.

TRO (gene)

Trophinin is a protein that in humans is encoded by the TRO gene.

Usage examples of "tro".

Ramanthian had doubts about that, but could certainly see how lethal such weapons could be, and was impressed by the sacrifice involved since the claws would make it difficult for the Tro Wa master to use his hands.

Emboldened by the darkness, and desirous of imposing themselves on the minds of our citizens, some thousand members of the Tro Wa emerged from their hiding places to light lanterns and parade through the streets.

And, regardless of whether the peasants were members of the Tro Wa or not, there were plenty of signs that the column was being tracked.

Yao Che became a member of the Tro Wa Reds and subsequently entered the Imperial city of Polwa.

Waa held his breath as the Tro Wa master closed on the first prisoner and paused.

A sword represents power, yet it, like the weapons manufactured by the aliens, was nothing when confronted with the knowledge of a Tro Wa master.

Dee Waa had assumed that he would, the Tro Wa master dropped both weapons onto the floor.

It seemed that the Empress had grown concerned about the number of Tro Wa who had entered the Imperial city of late and started to turn them away.

Santana had not only managed to escape death at the hands of the Tro Wa, but made it back to Mys.

For this particular moment in time the Imperial government would enter into what amounted to a tacit alliance with the Tro Wa, using the secret society like a shield, thereby sheltering itself from off-world retribution.

Like Yao Che they wanted to escape the city and the Tro Wa as early in the day as possible and seek shelter in the foothills.

Whatever the case the mere possibility that he was dealing with the Tro Wa was sufficient to suggest a certain level of circumspection.

All it would take was for a group of Tro Wa to come along, grow curious about the deeply cut wagon tracks, and decide to follow them around the side of the hill.

Imperial government and the Tro Wa are allies, for the moment at least.

The ensuing conversation was necessarily short, since there was increasing evidence that someone was providing the Tro Wa with illegal technology, and the last thing Santana needed was even more Claw on his back, but there was time enough to report that the team had arrived in Nah Ree and was making preparations to return.