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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Trillo \Tril"lo\, n. [It. See Trill.] (Mus.) A trill or shake. See Trill.


n. (context music English) A trill or shake.


Trillo may refer to:

  • Trillo, Italian for Trill (music), a musical ornament
    • In 17th century Italy "trillo" denotes the so-called 'Monteverdi trill' or 'goat's trill', a tremolo-like repetition of a single pitch, the term "gruppo" being used for the modern trill or shake.
  • Trillo, a threshing-board used in some Spanish-speaking countries
  • Trillo (Guadalajara), town in Spain with nearby Trillo Nuclear Power Plant

Usage examples of "trillo".

Special thanks to Rose Trillo Clough and Sara Clough for encouraging The Feminist Press to give voice to The Silent Duchess.

Some of them were made by trillo trees that had fallen, tearing thin roots out of the ground.

As the screen blanked, Gerswin looked up to the raised deck and to Major Trillo, the Gunnery officer.

After waking in the still-empty cabin, running himself through the tiny fresher, dressing, and grabbing some fruit and cheese from the open snack table in the Officers' Mess, he made his way back to the Gunnery operations center for his first watch with Major Trillo.