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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Trill \Trill\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Trilled; p. pr. & vb. n. Trilling.] [It. trillare; probably of imitative origin.] To impart the quality of a trill to; to utter as, or with, a trill; as, to trill the r; to trill a note.

The sober-suited songstress trills her lay.


vb. (en-past of: trill)


adj. uttered with a trill; "she used rolling r's as in Spanish" [syn: rolled, rolling]

Usage examples of "trilled".

Mestin stood up and trilled at the top of her voices for Aras to come and join them.

The babies scrambled, churred, and trilled affectionately, ending up in a jumble in his lap.

Behind them, the women trilled, and several more riders, boys nearing manhood, rushed by to take a place behind Abaka and his drummers.

Guests arrived, guests departed, in sundry states of unembarrassed kookiness, America on the road slightly more deranged than America at home, the phone trilled, the towel guy showed up with half their daily order, the snack guy informed Emory that one of the machines in the west wing had been jimmied, a domestic service person named Jan whom he persistently called Nan quit in tears after a quarrel with another person named Crystal whom he eyed in a special way he thought she understood, daughter Beryl appeared to vacuum the artifacts without once acknowledging his presence, a jittery man in a bad wig who couldn't seem .

There was even a postmodern car alarm, which trilled out a fruity compendium of all other car alarms.

Around him as he climbed, scattered dwarf juniper, birch, rhododendron gave way to silvery tussocks between which wildflowers bloomed tiny and rivulets trilled glistening.

At least two acres of green wonder spread before him, a blaze of flowers, trees where gorgeously colored birds fluttered and trilled, a wide, deep pool of green, green water, and over all, the glory of brilliant sunshine.

At a trilled order two of the warriors came up and laid out the corpse.

Coelura trilled a reassurance as she sat up and the covering lapped itself caressingly about her.

A woodpecker trilled just over her head, and as she carefully held each branch and pared every third bud off with a tiny knife, the rich, green scent of lerch sap spread on the air and she drank it in with pleasure.

And even then, in the quiet darkness inside the caravan, the pretty bird chuckled and twittered and trilled, and, once, it even hooted like a little owl.

Nothing beeped or bleeped or shrilled or trilled as I looked at the two rows of cubicles with shoulder-height partitions made of particle board.

The krippo trilled through its nostrils, which must have some kind of strings and resonating chamber.

Birds trilled as they fluttered from the Sweet Cicely bush to an oak tree.