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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tride \Tride\, a. [Cf. F. tride lively, quick.] Short and ready; fleet; as, a tride pace; -- a term used by sportsmen.


a. (context obsolete of a horse English) strong and swift

Usage examples of "tride".

Clara was breething so she sounded like a big sawmill saw, and when we tride to stop her she woodent stop so we all tride together but we coodent pull her in a mite she had her tail sticking rite up in the air and the more we pulled the faster she went, when we went thru the square Fatty holered to run her over string brige and up factory hill so we cood stop her, and we pulled as hard as we cood but when she came to the corner she tirned around into Water street and over went the wagon and we came out jest fluking.

II When, grown a Shade, beholding That land in lifetime trode, To learn if its unfolding Fulfilled its clamoured code, I saw, in web unbroken, Its history outwrought Not as the loud had spoken, But as the mute had thought.

Take, shake, forsake, wake, awake, stand, break, speak, bear, shear, swear, tear, wear, weave, cleave, strive, thrive, drive, shine, rise, arise, smite, write, bide, abide, ride, choose, chuse, tread, get, beget, forget, seethe, make in both preterit and participle took, shook, forsook, woke, awoke, stood, broke, spoke, bore, shore, swore, tore, wore, wove, clove, strove, throve, drove, shone, rose, arose, smote, wrote, bode, abode, rode, chose, trode, got, begot, forgot, sod.

Although Bartholomew of Triding has steadfastly over the years argued that the Oracle of Womanizers and Spies should rightfully occupy that position of preeminence, most serious historians place the latter in second position.

It should be clearly stated that this has been alleged to be a hoax, particularly by Bartholomew of Triding, who insists that no reference prior to the year 2145 could possibly be authentic.

Next after him went Doubt, who was ycladIn a discolour'd cote, of straunge disguyse,That at his backe a brode Capuccio had,And sleeues dependant Albanese-wyse:He lookt askew with his mistrustfull eyes,And nicely trode, as thornes lay in his way,Or that the flore to shrinke he did auyse,And on a broken reed he still did stayHis feeble steps, which shrunke, when hard theron he lay.