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tribal chief

n. The chief of a tribe.

tribal chief

n. the head of a tribe or clan [syn: headman, chieftain]

Tribal chief

A tribal chief is the leader of a tribal society or chiefdom.

Usage examples of "tribal chief".

When they recognized Moses, the women clapped and ululated shrilly, the greeting for a tribal chief, and the children ran beside the van, dancing and laughing with excitement at being so close to the great man.

The Second Augusta would have thrown up solid barracks, stores and granaries then they began a subtle system of lending Roman builders and tine materials to the tribal chief.

A 'human with authority' on Matriyeh would have to be no more than a tribal chief.

A bearer informed Hayward that a local tribal chief was out to do him harm.

He approaches the tribal chief and the school's headmaster, but they are powerless.

Ho Chi Minh is the great tribal chief who says that all white-faced men should be killed.

Relkin could sense that Norwul would be the first tribal chief of the Ardu.

But every tribal chief was eager to boast a superiority over rival chiefs, and a holding of slaves&mdash.

These two figures dominate every anti-rational period of history, whether one calls them tribal chief and witch doctor—.

The crudest tribal chief would not have committed on us the brutalities they did, not on such a scale, and they savaged the Kormehri almost as terribly, earning fear and disgust through all the Rude Lands.