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n. (plural of trial English)

Trials (journal)

Trials is an open access peer-reviewed medical journal covering performance and outcomes of randomized controlled trials. The journal is published by BioMed Central and the editors-in-chief are Doug Altman ( University of Oxford), Curt Furberg ( Wake Forest School of Medicine), and Jeremy Grimshaw ( Ottawa Health Research Institute). The journal encourages both authors and peer reviewers to make use of the CONSORT and QUOROM checklists for randomized trials and systematic reviews, respectively.

Trials (series)

Trials is a platform racing video game series developed by RedLynx, loosely based on the real-life sport of motorcycle trials. It involves a motorcycle rider in a 2.5D world, traversing obstacles whilst heavily influenced by physics. It was published by Ubisoft.

Trials (band)

Trials were an American heavy metal band formed in Chicago, Illinois in 2008. Known for their blend of thrash music and death metal, their music also has melodic and progressive elements.

Usage examples of "trials".

In matters of faith trials were conducted by two judges, the Ordinary, who might be the bishop himself or the Official, and the Inquisitor or his Vicar.

No longer could he declare the coming of Antichrist nor prepare souls for the terrible trials which were to herald the imminent end of the world.

Outside the state, however, news of the unusual trials began to attract attention.

They pointed out that twenty-four jurors had sat through the trials, had heard and seen all the evidence, and had found the teenagers guilty.

Since Fogleman was questioning potential defense witnesses under oath before the trials, the defense lawyers wanted a similar opportunity to question Gitchell, Allen, and Ridge.

Though Burnett refused to sever, or separate, the trials, Ford continued to raise additional issues to support that contention.

The lawyers representing Damien asked that the trials be severed, as well.

Arkansas law allowed for the trials to be moved to another county within the judicial district but Stidham asked for more.

But coming late as it did, with the trials looming, the transcript did not receive the scrutiny it otherwise might have.

Most of them showed how the police had been working to bolster their case as the two trials drew near.

The court labored a bit longer over arguments that the trials should have been severed.

And it found no problem with the fact that, even now, two years after the trials, none of the court-appointed defense lawyers had been paid.

The three began to view what happened in West Memphis as amodern-day version of the infamous Salem witch trials, in which rumors and hysteria had supplanted reason, and resulted in executions.

After the trials, they had moved away from West Memphis, leaving a string of hot checks behind, and settled into a house in Cherokee Village, a planned community in north-central Arkansas near the Missouri line.

Once the trials concluded, they believed, along with most of the public, that justice had been done.