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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Trews \Trews\, n. pl. Trowsers; especially, those of the Scotch Highlanders. ``He wore the trews, or close trowsers, made of tartan.''
--Sir W. Scott.


n. (context British English) trousers, especially if close fitting and tartan.


n. tight-fitting trousers; usually of tartan


Trews (Truis or Triubhas) are men's clothing for the legs and lower abdomen, a traditional form of tartan trousers from Scottish apparel. Trews could be trimmed with leather, usually buckskin, especially on the inner leg to prevent wear from riding on horseback.

Tartan trews shared the fate of other items of Highland dress, including proscription under the Dress Act of 1746 that banned men and boys from wearing the truis ("Trowse") outside of military service. The Dress Act lasted until 1782 when it was repealed under the reign of King George III.

Usage examples of "trews".

He hunkered down to examine some moss growing over the roots of a rowan tree, but all Maire could see was the way his tight trews pulled against the muscles in his thighs and buttocks.

Corum turned to confront Shool, who had appeared in the room in the guise of a bearlike creature wearing an elaborate plumed helmet and trews.

Drustan launched into a diatribe with a burr so thick she could scarcely understand a word he was saying, and Drustan of the trews began yelling back, and then Silvan poked his nose out of the castle to observe the fracas.

Kalchan hitched at his trews and grinned, showing yellowed teeth, and followed her into the kitchen.

This was a foot in a half-boot of very flexible black leather, laced tight to the ankle and calf, much worn and patched, not much larger than his own, attached to a leg in rusty black trews with worn places along the hem.

His linen trews, patched as well, were under his woolen trews, which for a change, had been darned except for the seat which sported a huge patch made from an old canvas tent.

The legs of his equally patched trews were folded under at the knee, as Deek had implied.

The boy threw a set of trews and a knitted tunic at Skif who caught them.

Deek, taking the lead, and pulling napkins out of his trews the way a conjure mage at a fair pulled kerchiefs out of his hand.

His own clothing went into one of the tubs with laundry in it, and she handed him the plain trews, socks, and shirt he brought with him, leaving him to clothe himself as she turned back to her work.

Herald in the dark gray leather tunic and tight trews with something like accusation.

With a stifled sigh, Skif picked out smallclothes, a shirt, tunic, trews, and stockings, debated between the boots and the shoes and finally decided on the latter as probably being more comfortable, With an eye long used to assessing fabric, he decided that the trews and tunic must be a linen canvas, the shirt was of a finer linen, the boots of a heavier canvas with leather soles and wooden heels.

Skif would have been willing to bet anything he had that the trews and shirt this Herald wore were silk.

John was dressed no better than Edward III, in sopping trews and muddy boots.

The result of this was that when Bella pulled the pair of buttery soft leather trews up her legs, she immediately felt sinfully daring and sexy.