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Trevis was an American racing car constructor of the 1950s and 1960s, begun by Floyd Trevis of Youngstown, Ohio. Trevis cars competed in FIA World Championship ( Indy 500 only) and USAC events from 1951 to 1961.

Usage examples of "trevis".

The ladies and gentlemen of the ensemble, who should have been absorbing and learning to deliver the melodies of Roland Trevis and the lyrics of Otis Pilkington, lolled back in their seats.

Pilkington almost immediately: for, remembering suddenly that Roland Trevis had assured him that no musical production, except one of those elaborate girl-shows with a chorus of ninety, could possibly cost more than fifteen thousand dollars at an outside figure, he began to think about Roland Trevis, and continued to think about him until the train pulled into the Pennsylvania Station.

The only redeeming feature, he thought vindictively, as he remembered what Roland Trevis had said about the cost of musical productions, was the fact that the new numbers were undoubtedly better than those which his collaborator had originally supplied.

Sulu had just tried to pass off a fairy story about Trevis the Talking Tree as peer-reviewed science.

Almost as an afterthought, the Fox scooped up the diminutive but deadly emblem Trevis had left behind.

The quarrel with Carus, his jarring introduction to the dark side of the southlands, and above all the brush with disaster in the shape of Trevis kept him tossing all night.