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Trèves may refer to:

  • The French name of the city of Trier, in Germany
  • François Trèves (born 1930), a French-American mathematician
Treves (surname)

Treves is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Abraham ben Solomon Treves (16th century), Italian rabbi
  • Alex Treves (born 1929), American fencer
  • Claudio Treves (1869–1933), Italian politician
  • Fabio Treves (born 1949), Italian musician
  • Frederick Treves (actor) (1925–2012), English actor
  • Naphtali Hirsch Treves (16th century), German kabbalist
  • Paolo Treves (born 1908), Italian politician
  • Renato Treves (1907–1992), Italian sociologist
  • Simon Treves (born 1957), English actor
  • Sir Frederick Treves, 1st Baronet (1853–1923), British surgeon
  • Vanni Treves (born 1940), Britalian television executive

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Treves (disambiguation)

Treves (Trier) is a city in Germany on the banks of the Moselle.

Treves may also refer to:

  • Giorgio Treves de'Bonfili (1884–1964), Italian footballer
  • Treves (surname), a surname (and a list of people with the name)
  • Treves, California, a former settlement in the United States

Usage examples of "treves".

Lord 1592, Treves style, on Monday, the 15th day of the month of March, in presence of me, the Notary underwritten, and of Nicholas Dolent, and Daniel Major, the Amanuensis and Secretary respectively of the Reverend Lord Abbot, trustworthy witnesses specially called and required hereto.

Cologne, without the perusal or permission of the superiors of this place: whereas I am informed for certain that in the aforesaid books, and also in certain of letters on the same subject, sent clandestinely to the clergy and senate of Treves, and others, for the purpose of impeding the course of justice against witches and magicians, there are contained many articles which are not only erroneous and scandalous, but also suspected of heresy, and savoring of sedition: I therefore hereby revoke, condemn, reject, and repudiate, as if they had never been said or asserted by me, the said articles, as seditious and temerarious, contrary to the common judgment of learned theologians, to the decision and bulls of the supreme Pontiffs, and to the practice, and statutes, and laws of the magistrates and judges, as well as of this Archdiocese of Treves, as of the other provinces and principalities, in the order in which the same are hereunto annexed.

In Germany, from 1450 to 1517, no less than nine new academies were started: Greifswald 1456, Freiburg in the Breisgau 1460, Basle 1460, Ingolstadt 1472, Treves 1473, Mayence 1477, Tuebingen 1477, Wittenberg 1502, and Frankfort on the Oder 1506.

Archbishops of Mayence, Treves and Cologne, the three German temporal princes, the Electors of the Rhenish Palatinate, Saxony, and Brandenburg, and in addition the King of Bohemia, who, save for purposes of the imperial choice, did not count as a member of the Germanic body.

A league formed by Treves, the Palatinate and Hesse, defeated him and captured his castle at Landstuhl in May, 1523.

At Treves the persecution was encouraged by the cupidity of the magistrates who profited by confiscation of the property of those sentenced.

In the year 1586 the archbishop of Treves burned 118 women and two men for this imaginary crime.

The Jesuit school at Vienna had, in 1558, 500 pupils, in Cologne, about the same time, 517, in Treves 500, in Mayence 400, in Spires 453, in Munich 300.

Sheyrena an Treves closed her ears to the chattering of her human slaves and wished she could be anywhere but where she was.

Tylar Lord Treves would ever dare to display anything so insubordinate, as impatience with one of his elven masters.

Viridina an Treves has never had an inappropriate thought in her life.

The Treves Portal would take them to the Council Hall, and from there they would use the Hemalth Portal to the estate, permitted to pass there by the magic signet impressed into the invitation.

She had come here in the first place simply out of a spirit of rebellion, but once she actually came to realize what the situation was in the House of Treves, this great plan all fell into place for her.

There would be no hours in the library, browsing through books collected, not only by the House of Treves, but by the House of Kaullis before them.

And consequently, inasmuch as the most reverend and illustrious Archbishop and Prince Elector of Treves not only permits witches and magicians to be subjected to deserved punishment in his diocese, but has also ordained laws regulating the mode and cost of the procedure against witches, thereby with inconsiderate temerity tacitly insinuating the charge of tyranny against the said Elector of Treves.