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n. 1 (context New Zealand slang English) a farm assistant or other rural worker; an ordinary country bloke 2 (context British slang English) an urban lower-class youth

Usage examples of "trev".

Sharon and Trev were the same ginger, after all, and Mary was as dark as Jock.

But they had been paired by size, and Trev was small and firm, like herself.

So when she heard Trev start to cough himself awake, the idea came to her as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

One hundred yards away down the stone terrace, in a three-walled wasteland peopled by destitute furniture and mangled prams, Jock and Trev crouch opposite one another, panting with cunning and gurgling with adrenalin and drink.

Big Jock, who actually has little taste for the venture, heard Trev out with considerable relief.

Being Trev, Trev thinks that Jock wants to do this as much as he himself wants to, and he wants to do it very much indeed.

By this time Trev himself stood in the doorway, already past his best, half-winded by all that stomping.

Gavin rubbed his knuckles, frowning, and stepped over Trev into the passage.

And she kept unwillingly thinking about Trev, which was no help either.

He wanted to get inside herbut not to hurt her, as Trev had wanted to do.

Commodore Trev Dyami said, flexing his shoulders beneath his stiffly starched uniform tunic and permitting himself a slight smile as he gazed at the main display.

Kev and Trev duly served, one of them began to tear his piece of pie apart with knife and fork.

I was minding Kev and Trev by the time I was five, I brought up Vera and Tel.

Bright afternoon sun poured down as Trev and Kora tossed him aside, then grasped Owen and began to hack him to pieces.

The crucial second that Trev and Dave had turned around to have vocal retaliation with Carrie.