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n. The practice of drilling a hole in the skull as a physical, mental, or spiritual treatment.

Trepanation (album)

Trepanation is the first album composition by the industrial metal band American Head Charge, released independently by the group on July 18, 1999.

Trepanation (disambiguation)

Trepanation/Trepanning may refer to:

  • Trepanning, a form of surgery in which a hole is bored into the skull
  • Trepanning (manufacturing), a type of drilling designed for large holes in metal and rock workpieces
  • Trepanation (album), the first American Head Charge album
  • Trepanation, a technique used by bomb disposal units

Trepanation could also mean the use of a Trepan, which may refer to:

  • Trepan (drill bit), a type of industrial drill bit commonly used to bore large holes in metal and rock
  • Trepan, a rock-boring tool used for sinking mine shafts

Usage examples of "trepanation".

Trepanation would have been a good idea for the normally pre scribed purposes.