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Treo (drug)
For the smartphone, see Palm Treo

Treo is a salicylate drug marketed by Johnson & Johnson in Sweden and Denmark, often used as an analgesic to relieve minor aches and pains, as an antipyretic to reduce fever, and as an anti-inflammatory medication. The active ingredients are acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) and caffeine.

Treo comp has codeine as an additional constituent.

Treo (dog)

Treo (c. 2001 - 2015) was a black Labrador Retriever- English Springer Spaniel crossbreed and a retired Arms and Explosives Search dog with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps. He was awarded the Dickin Medal (considered the equivalent of a Victoria Cross for animals) in February 2010. The military nominated Treo for the award in recognition of his help uncovering a number of improvised explosive devices (IED) during his time serving in Helmand Province, an insurgency hot spot, in 2008. Treo was the medal's 63rd recipient.


Treo may refer to:

  • Palm Treo, a line of smartphones
  • Treo (dog), recipient of the Dickin Medal
  • Treo (drug), a painkiller

Usage examples of "treo".

I could buy my Toblerone, and my hip banged into the lump the Treo made in my bag.

FLIRT, and I have them saved on my Treo if I need further consultation.

There are records of a ten-year-old orphan named Gan Orta, who disappeared after his foster parents, Gan Marta and Gan Treo, were arrested and executed for treason.

He kept the Treo long enough to download all its files before returning it to the helicopter, leaving it on the floor, partially under a seat, where Lucy found it later that day, having no idea what had happened.

She looks at the number on the illuminated display of her Treo, the one with the 617 exchange.

She trots toward the helicopter, the one where she left her Treo not long after Joe Amos began his fellowship.

The same helicopter where she left her Treo, an act of forgetfulness that in many ways started everything and led everybody here to this hellhole, this plague pit.

Love, gold, and life itself, and here I lay under this darksome forest treo with the life-blood fast ebbing away, and scarce a trace would be left of a wasted existence, blighted career.