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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a trendy/fashionable restaurant (=one that is influenced by the most fashionable styles and ideas)
▪ The hotel is surrounded by elegant boutiques and trendy restaurants.
fashionable/trendy clothes
▪ The club was full of beautiful people wearing trendy clothes.
▪ There are cafes at the beach, trendy restaurants in the Gaslamp area downtown.
▪ Clean your nails with a bowie knife in trendy restaurants.
Trendy bars and restaurants are opening and inexpensive apartments in the area are getting hard to find.
▪ a trendy New York night club
▪ a trendy street market in the centre of Paris
▪ Delgado predicts that blonde hair will become trendy this summer.
▪ She only talks like that because she wants to sound trendy.
▪ stylish South Beach cafes filled with trendy young couples
▪ And they have a trendy baseball cap.
▪ For instance Sol, the beer sold in London's trendy cafe bars at £2 a time, is just 25p a bottle.
▪ He has a trendy haircut and wears a dangling earring, but his accent is like his father's.
▪ It's promoted by the natural-born hucksters within Apple because it has all the earmarks of something trendy and fashionable.
▪ The very first day her ad ran, she got a call for a hairpiece to be worn at a trendy wedding.
▪ They like to wear the cloak of socialism because it's trendy on the international stage.
▪ With sinking heart Sly realized that he was in a burger joint that was too trendy to peel its potatoes.
▪ I was thrown out by some irate trendy who kept muttering something about royalties.
▪ Ladies wear color and luxe fabrics, trendies wear black and industrial nylon.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1962, from trend (n.) + -y (2). Related: Trendily; trendiness.


a. (context slang English) of, or in accordance with the latest trend, fashion or hype n. a #Adjective person

  1. adj. in accord with the latest fad; "trendy ideas"; "trendy clothes"; "voguish terminology" [syn: voguish]

  2. [also: trendiest, trendier]

Usage examples of "trendy".

Royalty Theatre: a Windmill show with sarky sketches and nudes that moved, suitable for trendy poseur and carriage trade alike.

They went for cocktails at a snazzy bar by a smelly canal next to a noisy bus station, full of loads more trendy types.

Kenny tried to disguise himself in a pair of trendy sunglasses and his Dean Witter cap, but several people in the store still recognized him and wanted to talk about what had happened.

Glorious creatures enjoyed drinks, and Algol, their rescuer, secured their lodgings, showed them up to a trendy room, then took them back down where the Fashionables gathered, set them at a table and asked them what they would have.

For all her love of mouthing trendy antiscientific political slogans, she was aware, on some fundamental level, that it was necessary for human bodily modifications to be made before the atmospheric conditions grew much worse.

HDLs were the trendy blood component of the 1980s, something called apolipoproteins will surely become the blood buzzword of the nineties.

The bunsen burner had a solid, well-crafted feel to it and, although it was not in the same class as a nineteenth-century brass microscope, Peace could imagine a trendy collector getting quite excited over it.

Tourists, businesspeople, girls in trendy pantsuits, messengers on huge motorbikes.

She followed Portobello to its northernmost point, past a few sad-looking stands selling what looked to her like stuff that even the least choosy of bag ladies would be embarrassed to possess, past a vegetarian restaurant with a queue outside, past record shops with Rasta colors in the windows, past a falafel restaurant, under a bridge, and past a bustling market square filled with yet more painfully trendy people.

Three years earlier, the PBA had succumbed to trendier tastes and published a calendar filled with photos of its leaner and younger members, all clad in virtually nothing, half grinning goofily at the camera, the other half straining with the tortured I-hate-modeling veneer of contemporary fashion.

She had a small high-rise apartment near the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, just slightly removed from the crowded beaches and trendy boutiques of Ipanema.

The leftism that so angers these students includes the trendy hey-hey-ho-ho-Western-civ-has-got-to-go theories that inform college courses from coast to coast.

Shereen Khalil was trendy, but I scathingly imagined her as tie-dyed and lentil-eating.

He was a good speaker, jumping on all the trendy buzzwords to elicit the right reaction.

The beautiful, tree-lined street is known as Restaurant Row because both sides are lined with trendy eateries that cater to the Broadway theater crowd.