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trench cut

n. (context archaeology English) A triangle-shaped cut in a tell, used to see how many levels there are or to find information about each separate settlement.

Usage examples of "trench cut".

Dot looked across the clearing at an overgrown pile of rocks that served as a grave marker for the original troupers buried in the trench cut by Number Three.

And the ground around it had been excavated - from up here, the trench cut into the earth was perfectly clear.

Twenty or twenty-five paces ahead, there lay Vulpe's torch still flickering fitfully and giving off black smoke where it teetered on the rim of a trench cut in the stone floor to the right of the passageway.

The main lights of the Trench cut out, leaving only the new spotlight and the false stars overhead blazing, and Runt, quite dashing in his dress uniform, emerged from the galley.

The vast, irregular trench cut by the beam soon filled with magma, like blood clotting in a wound.

A man got out and climbed down a small trench cut diagonally in the steep bluff.