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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I smile at his tremulous respect mixed with greediness.
▪ If so, you are taking your own first tremulous steps into fiction.
▪ The bride spoke her vows with tremulous modesty.
▪ Turning to leave he saw a jiffy-bag of formidable bulk addressed to himself in Sixsmith's tremulous hand.
▪ With a brief, tremulous smile at Melissa, she trailed meekly behind him.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tremulous \Trem"u*lous\, a. [L. tremulus, fr. tremere to tremble. See Tremble.]

  1. Shaking; shivering; quivering; as, a tremulous limb; a tremulous motion of the hand or the lips; the tremulous leaf of the poplar.

  2. Affected with fear or timidity; trembling.

    The tender, tremulous Christian.
    --Dr. H. More. [1913 Webster] -- Trem"u*lous*ly, adv. -- Trem"u*lous*ness, n.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1610s, from Latin tremulus "shaking, quivering," from tremere "to shake, quake, quiver" (see tremble (v.)). Related: Tremulously; tremulousness.


a. 1 trembling, quivering, or shaking. 2 timid, hesitant, or unconfident.


adj. (of the voice) quivering as from weakness or fear; "the old lady's quavering voice"; "spoke timidly in a tremulous voice" [syn: quavering]


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Usage examples of "tremulous".

Awakening at dawn when the first pale light was flowing in through the open window, I was enchanted to hear the trill of a bird-song, tremulous and ethereally sweet, the love-call of some unknown melodist to its mate.

Woods and fields are tremulous at twilight with the shimmering of white saltant forms, and immemorial Ocean yields up curious sights beneath thin moons.

I remembered Us face under the white lights of the parking lot, the tremulous lilt in his voice when he called seeing Spangler a gift from God, a second chance to set things right.

There was this time no affectation in the tremulous lips and the troublous, unsteady eyes.

Months after the first words came, unbidden and tremulous, he admitted to himself that he had wasted his life.

PANTHEA: These solid mountains quiver with the sound Even as the tremulous air: their shadows make The space within my plumes more black than night.

With a tremulous hand he shook one of the powders into the glass and gulped it down with the whisky.

Still following the note of the bell, they entered the shade of those woods, lighted only by the moonbeams, that glided down between the leaves, and threw a tremulous uncertain gleam upon the steep track they were winding.

Only when Lord Dietrich moved to comfort the lad and speak to him softly did the young man stiffen, clench his hands, and lift his chin with tremulous pride as a sour-faced cleric hacked off his beautiful hair.

Start to the softened, tremulous bugle-blare Of that Caesarean Italian Across the storied fields of trampled grain, As to a Vercingetorix of old Gaul Blowing the rally against a Caesar's reign.

On the last page of the missal were also two lines, written in a tremulous hand, probably a short time previous to his death: "I, nunc anima anceps.

Sitting beside this crumbling sea-coal fire, Here in the city's ceaseless roar and din, Far from the brambly paths I used to know, Far from the rustling brooks that slip and shine Where the Neponset alders take their glow, I share the tremulous sense of bud and briar And inarticulate ardors of the vine.

Then, below her, out through candescent space, she saw a shadow dart forth along the grass, and to her fright a voice rose, tremulous and clear, seeming to seek enfranchisement beyond the barrier of the dark trees: "My brain is clouded.

His heart was still beating in extraordinary, tremulous excitement and he was filled with a crazy, idiotic happiness that made him want to laugh out loud, to shout his good news across these lonely marshes, to forget that he was trapped in this crimping business of Lieutenant Colonel Girdwood's Battalion.

A powerful preacher is open to the same sense of enjoyment--an awful, tremulous, goose-flesh sort of state, but still enjoyment--that a great tragedian feels when he curdles the blood of his audience.