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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tremie \Trem"ie\, n. [F. tr['e]mie hopper.] (Hydraulic Engin.) An apparatus for depositing and consolidating concrete under water, essentially a tube of wood or sheet metal with a hooperlike top. It is usually handled by a crane.


n. 1 A device used to pour concrete underwater. 2 An apparatus used for depositing concrete in an aquatic environment, usually a tube of sheet metal with a hopper-like top generally handled by a crane.


The tremie concrete placement method uses a pipe, through which concrete is placed below water level.

The lower end of the pipe is kept immersed in fresh concrete so that the rising concrete from the bottom displaces the water without washing out the cement content.

Usage examples of "tremie".

On the bottom other crawling machines were already waiting to put the sealing forms around the junction so the special tremie, underwater setting concrete, could be poured around the ends to join them indivisibly.

The tunnel sections are all in place and the tremie seals between the joints poured, everything is going as well as might be expected.