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Trematomus is a genus of cod icefishes native to the Southern Ocean, with these currently recognized species:

  • Trematomus bernacchii Boulenger, 1902 (emerald rockcod)
  • Trematomus eulepidotus Regan, 1914 (blunt scalyhead)
  • Trematomus hansoni Boulenger, 1902 (striped rockcod)
  • Trematomus lepidorhinus ( Pappenheim, 1911) (slender scalyhead)
  • Trematomus loennbergii Regan, 1913 (scaly rockcod)
  • Trematomus newnesi Boulenger, 1902 (dusky rockcod)
  • Trematomus nicolai ( Boulenger, 1902) (spotted notothen)
  • Trematomus pennellii Regan, 1914 (sharp-spined notothenia)
  • Trematomus scotti ( Boulenger, 1907) (crowned rockcod)
  • Trematomus tokarevi Andriashev, 1978 (bigeye notothen)
  • Trematomus vicarius Lönnberg, 1905 (orange notothen)

bernacchii.jpg|Emerald rockcod (T. bernacchii) scalyhead (T. eulepidotus) lepidorhinus.jpg|Slender scalyhead (T. lepidorhinus) loennbergii.jpg|Scaly rockcod (T. loennbergii) pennellii.jpg|Sharp-spined notothenia (T. pennellii) scotti.jpg|Crowned rockcod (T. scotti)