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The Collaborative International Dictionary

n. a diacritic consisting of two dots ( ¨ ) placed over a letter, used among other things to indicate umlaut or diaeresis.

Trema (genus)

Trema is a genus of about 15 species of evergreen trees closely related to the hackberries ( Celtis), occurring in subtropical and tropical regions of southern Asia, northern Australasia, Africa, South and Central America, and parts of North America. They are generally small trees, reaching tall.


Trema may refer to:

  • Tréma, a diacritic mark that consists of two dots placed over a letter
  • Trema (Croatia) a small village near the capital and largest city of Zagreb
  • Trema (genus), a genus of about 15 species of small evergreen trees
    • Trema discolor, a species of plant endemic to French Polynesia
    • Trema lamarckiana, a species of a plant native to Florida and West India
    • Trema orientalis, a species of flowering tree found in tropical and warm temperate parts of the Old World
    • Trema tomentosa var. viridis, a forest plant of Australia
  • Trema Records, a French record label, now defunct
Tréma (record label)

Tréma was a record and video label founded in 1969 by Jacques Revaux and Régis Talar. The word tréma was an acronym for Talar Revaux Éditions Musicales Associées.

Tréma was initially created to publish the recordings of Michel Sardou, whose parents used to buy meat from the parents of Jacques Revaux, but various other artists also joined it, such as Animo, Richard Anthony, Charles Aznavour, Pierre Billon, Carlos, Dani, Jean-Jacques Debout, Michel Delpech, Dionysos, Frédéric François, Michel Fugain, Pierre Groscolas, Michel Kricorian, Catherine Lara, Enrico Macias, Didier Marouani, K-Reen, Matmatah, Alexandra Roos, Patrick Topaloff, Serge Reggiani, and Hervé Vilard. Liz Mitchell (lead singer of Boney M) also has 3 singles and an album issued by the company in the late 80s, No one will force you(album) and Get on up and dance (promo 12inch single) Marinero (12'inch single promo)& Single Marinero b/w Times a river. Michel Sardou, by himself, made up 80% of the sales of the label.

The label was bought by Universal Music France in 2004.

Usage examples of "trema".

He could recall nothing but the face of Vara Liso and, strangely enough, that of Lodovik Trema, who was, of course, missing and presumed dead in deep space.

But it was not Chief Commissioner Chen who had told him Trema would be alive.

Lodovik Trema to Madder Loss, he would be a very wealthy man, and he would never have to work for anyone again.

Planch showed the grim details: the rows of bodies arranged within one chamber, the discovery of the body of Lodovik Trema on the bridge, curled and still.

He had been so convinced that Lodovik Trema moved on a different and superior plane to the rest of humanity.

All the rigmarole about Trema being dead, having died bravely in the service of the Emperorthat is, the Commission of Public Safetyall nonsense.

Planch has some fixed notions of justice, and it appears another contender for the person of Trema came on the scene, and paid Planch more than Chenso Planch took some mixed-up vengeance against Chen and Trantor for the ruin of Madder Loss.

Planch delivered Trema to a certain man on Madder Loss, he made a record, a secret tape, of the proceedings.

In the agora, I became aware of your presence, and surmised that you were Lodovik Trema and had not been destroyed.

Still, her sense this day was that they were onto something much more important even than Trema, perhaps the center of robot activity on Trantor.

I have relied on over the years, I confess only Lodovik Trema inspired affection in me, a weakness he never betrayed.

She would be able to reach into him, to hypnotically bring Tremas to the surface.