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n. (plural of trek English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: trek)

Usage examples of "treks".

I recalled the long evening I had once spent with Zarendargar, and our lengthy, animated conversations, the talk of warriors, the talk of soldiers, of those familiar with arms and martial values, of those who had shared the zest and terrors of conflict, to whom crass materialisms could never be more than the means to worthier victories, who had shared the loneliness of command, who had never forgotten the meanings of words such as discipline, responsibility, courage and honor, who had known perils, and long treks and privations, to whom comfort and the hearth beckoned less than camps and distant horizons.

The others, the Treks, carried out their tasks without any such flaws.

When they returned from their long treks into the wilds, this tree was their anchor, their succor, the sight of which informed them that they were home.

Also, they require almost no water and a minimum of food, storing nutrients in their humps, making them ideal for long treks over even the most daunting terrain.