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He gestured to a wispy-bearded man nearly as old as Hamok Trei and even more withered, even more wizened.

But it was Noum om Beng and not Hamok Trei who emerged to dispense justice that night.

Torlyri made the sign of Yissou at him and went rushing after Trei Husathirn.

Torlyri wondered if it had been wrong to allow Trei Husathirn to enter here.

Hresh glanced to his left and saw four immense vermilions plodding down the road into the settlement, with Trei Husathirn riding atop the lead male.

But he knew, as his father Trei Husathirn had known, that that was impossible.

Beng warrior Trei Husathirn had swept the Koshmar priestess up into unexpected love and an unlikely mating, long ago, when the Beng people and the Koshmars still dwelled uneasily side by side in Vengiboneeza.

We settled on roast trei chkowk, a local variety of lake chub roasted crisp and tender over a pot of charcoal, served up on a bed of steaming rice.