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While I was fighting Braavosi on the Rhoyne, Lynesse moved into the manse of a merchant prince named Tregar Ormollen.

Baron Tregar is an ardent patriot who by virtue of his office must needs object to democratic masquerading.

Carl, though he had primarily intended the singular rig for the eyes of Tregar, had subtly invited the remark.

Though Ronador in the first disorder of rebellious mind and body, had fancied himself sicker than he really was, he was suffering more now than even Tregar guessed.

He seemed, without conscious effort, to be repeating the words of this Voice with which he held this terrible communion, and waved Tregar back with an imperious gesture of defiance.

He stayed so long upon his knees that Tregar touched him gently on the shoulder.

I could not bear the touch of her hands or the look in her eyes for many months, but through her, Tregar, at last I learned peace and forgiveness and forbearance, as men should.

Prettiman bustled forward, angrily demanding by what right Raf Tregar intruded into a private dwelling.

The angry Tregar brought up his fist, and, before the Earl could prevent him, he had struck Alison on the chin.

The sight of the Earl and Griggs holding up a groggy Tregar gave Edmond momentary pause, but he quickly regained his aplomb.

Sevenage were helping Alison to her feet, where she stood swaying as groggily as ever Tregar had done.

Not only had he been Viscount Tregar, but he was four years older than she, and older children seldom paid much attention to younger ones.

Your own wife, Lady Tregar, was horrorstruck when she discovered what had happened.

The late Caroline, Viscountess Tregar, had been the daughter of an earl, and she had brought a title and a fortune to her marriage.

Again Clare wondered what had really happened on the fateful night when the old earl and Lady Tregar had died.