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The men were talking hay, corn, and markets and paid no attention to the animal, and so they strolled along the autumn lane till they came to a gate in the hedge, whence a roughly made farm road went through the fields, and dipped down into the woods and to Treff Loyne farm.

And then it occurred to somebody, so far as I can make out with no particular reference to the odd conduct of the Treff Loyne sheepdog, that Thomas Griffith had not been seen for some time past.

They are trivial questions, no doubt, but they have always interested me, and the latter point has its application to the strange business of Treff Loyne.

I went to Treff Loyne because it was buried in the narrow valley under the ash trees, far away from any track.

I went home at the tail of that dreadful procession from Treff Loyne in a state of mind very near to madness.

I have forgotten my logic, but one might say that Treff Loyne demonstrated the existence of a mystery in the figure of death.

And the moment that I left this particular case of Treff Loyne, and tried to get some light on it from other instances of the terror, I would think of the man in the Midlands who heard the feet of a thousand men rustling in the wood, and their voices as if dead men sat up in their bones and talked.

You perceive the horrible position of those people in Treff Loyne, not only did they see death advancing on them, but advancing with incredible steps, as if one were to die not only in nightmare but by nightmare.

Doyle embarrassedly told Benner to take the podium away, and he replaced it with the chair Treff would have got.

Ich wurde Ihnen sehr verbunden sein, wenn Sie diese Schachtel fur mich nach der Post tragen wurden, da mir sehr daran liegt einen meiner Geschaftsfreunde in dem Laden des deutschen Kaufmanns heute Abend treffen zu konnen.

Und wo wir gerade beim Thema sind: Was haltet ihr davon, wenn wir uns am sechzehnten in Toronto treffen, um dort das Geschäft zu Ende zu bringen?