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Treene (Amt)

Treene was an Amt ("collective municipality") in the district of Nordfriesland, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It was situated between Husum and the Eider River. Its seat was in Mildstedt. In January 2008, it was merged with the Ämter Friedrichstadt, Nordstrand and Hattstedt to form the Amt Nordsee-Treene.

The Amt Treene consisted of the following municipalities:


  1. Fresendelf
  2. Hude
  3. Mildstedt
  4. Oldersbek
  5. Ostenfeld
  6. Ramstedt
  7. Rantrum


  1. Schwabstedt
  2. Simonsberg
  3. Süderhöft
  4. Südermarsch
  5. Winnert
  6. Wisch
  7. Wittbek

Treene may refer to:

  • Treene (Amt), an Amt in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
  • Treene (river), in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Treene (river)

The Treene is a river, hydrologically and nominally long, in the north of Schleswig-Holstein. It is a right-bank tributary of the Eider River. It starts in northern Angeln, southeast of Flensburg, and flows mainly south-south-west before joining the Eider near Friedrichstadt.

The upper course is called Bondenau. Its source is situated in the ground of Mohrkirch. The name 'Treene' begins at the Tresssee lake near Großsolt in the district of Schleswig-Flensburg. After about 73 km it reaches the town of Friedrichstadt (in Nordfriesland district). There it is released through valves into the estuary of the Eider, 25 km above the Eider Barrage. It is the most important tributary of Eider river. Since the construction of Kiel Canal, it is even stronger than Eider river itself.