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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Trebly \Tre"bly\, adv. In a treble manner; with a threefold number or quantity; triply.


a. Having treble, or high-pitched, qualities. adv. 1 Three times, thrice (archaic) 2 To three times the extent or degree; triply.

Usage examples of "trebly".

Child voices, usually selected for sightsinging ability to perform two hundred settings a year while the trebly tint lasted, seemed here to have been chosen for nothing short of transcendent throats.

Kraft watches her talkconjugating with her hands, her flashing pseudo-senorita eyes, her three and a half octaves of voice arpeggiating amazingly from bari Bacall to trebly Billie Burke.

Here, with the yellow-coated soldiers of Saladin, grave-faced and watchful, pacing before their door-- for night and day they were trebly guarded lest Assassins should creep in--there was no need for mail.

Miss Pilchester, trebly kissed - one more for luck, Pop had said - came to the gate of the little garden wilderness to wave him goodbye.

Our trebly resilient heavy kit is the ne plus ultra of comfort and safety.

Wrathfully, thick with a meaning worse Than call to the march: for that inveterate Purse Could kindle the extinct, inform a vacant place, Conjure a heart into the trebly felled.

An axiom of the White Rose Club laid it down that everybody must be enamoured of Margarita, and the conscience of the Club made them trebly suspicious of those who were not members.

Base, doubly and trebly base, had been his behaviour there, for one ill deed had drawn others after it.

I think, that you are trebly prejudiced against the very name of Christian.

You are trebly a fool, for I am the thief and forger, and in a few moments I shall take those proofs against the thief and forger from your insensible body.

He had been pretty obstinately determined to get possession of the Hair Bracelet from the first: but he was doubly and trebly determined now.

Exerting his remnant of will, he pushed hunger aside and heard a trebly ratcheting sound, a cry that seemed to issue from inside him.

It is explained by the Minister: not even the flower, he says, would hold constant, as they, to the constantly unseen--a trebly cataphractic Invisible.

I love Miss Dunstable, and should have doubly, trebly rejoiced to leave it with her.

Then taking thrise three haires from off her head,Them trebly breaded in a threefold lace,And round about the pots mouth, bound the thread,And after hauing whispered a spaceCertaine sad words, with hollow voice and bace,She to the virgin said, thrise said she it.