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n. (plural of tread English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: tread)

Usage examples of "treads".

In your haste to disperse your political opposition by using a mobile nuclear weapons platform, did you bother to consider the size of Unit-0045's warhull and treads, as compared with the size of Jefferson's streets?

I perform a rapid self-diagnostic on the processors and subassemblies governing control of my treads and discover no malfunction anywhere in the system.

There is nothing wrong with my treads, their drive wheels, the complex gears governing their speed of rotation, or the engines that power them.

It has been struggling for several minutes with something at the edge of the yard, something that the edge of my treads caught and crushed as I executed pivot turns, trying to break free.

Even after they blew his treads and most of his gun systems to dust and turned half his armor to slag.

I open fire with my forward Hellbore, then rock on my treads, hit by return fire that digs another long gouge across my starboard side.

If it hears sudden silence, followed by our treads headed its way, it's going to blow that dam and take us out with it.

Very quietly, Sonny turned his bulk around, grinding the Yavac into the ground under his treads, and left to hunt for survivors.

It pulled up directly alongside, treads grinding like logs in a sawmill.

His treads alone are wider than all but two or three streets anywhere in Madison.

A stampede begins as my treads tear gouges out of the pavement and reduce livestock transports, combines, groundcars, and produce trucks to wafer-thin sheets of metal fused to the street surface.

My visual sensors track a crush of people caught against the sides of buildings, unable to get through doorways into the shops and government offices they seek refuge in and unable to retreat into the street which my treads and warhull fill.

When Phil Fabrizio ambles closer to my treads, head tipped back in a slack-jawed perusal of my prow, I track the movement with anti-personnel chain guns and remind him—sharply—to halt.

I halt in stunned disbelief, with my treads zero point eight meters from the downed gates of the Presidential Residence.

She could hear the sound of his treads chewing up pavement and cars and smaller things, the kind of things that screamed in mortal terror as they died.