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Usage examples of "trea".

King Galladel go to Syldritch Trea when he failed in his attempt at the summoning?

But neither was King Dellanil in Syldritch Trea when he called the trees.

King Galladel will be among those awaiting our return from Syldritch Trea, waiting to fight beside the forest itself to rid our land of the foul invaders.

They will bring about the distractions to allow us to get through to Syldritch Trea, and they will be ready to begin the final battle when the summons is complete.

Syldritch Trea without delay-to the misfortune of these three goblin guards.

When they had formulated their plans to come out near Syldritch Trea, they had known their success likely would depend on secrecy.

They took up positions along the perimeter of Syldritch Trea, hoping that their friends would finish before the enemy arrived.

He sensed the stillness of Syldritch Trea to be a prelude, a deceptive calm.

Syldritch Trea, Elbereth had thought to keep his forces together and cut a wedge through the enemy lines to rejoin his people.

Syldritch Trea, he assumed-and came into a small field of chest-high blueberry bushes, dotted by occasional trees.

He was truly amazed at how quickly Elbereth had apparently forgotten his actions in the battle, in Syldritch Trea and against Ragnor, and in saving Tintagel.

In this trea, which was right on the borderline between Acadia ind the upstate parishes, Catholics and Protestants mixed n roughly equal numbers.

Those Hashomi who had reached the rank of Treas were often admitted to the Ephraimini, and spent their last years cultivating and processing the handr and performing the burial rites over their former comrades.

No Treas and few ordinary Hashomi cared to admit that they needed help in any battle.

The Treas carried his staff and a knife, two had their swords drawn and ready, and the fourth held a crossbow.