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travel along

v. travel along a certain course; "follow the road"; "follow the trail" [syn: follow]

Usage examples of "travel along".

If the photon did not travel along this path, it would miss the upper mirror and fly off into space.

And so, without guidance, she was satisfied to travel along the shelves, following the titles anxiously with her fingers.

Since I'm responsible for her safety, I was wondering if we might travel along with you.

She knew from Cube's memory that the enchanted paths had been well done, and were a real service to all of Xanth, because people could travel along them with safety and comfort and not get lost.

I know that circumstances may force one of us to travel along a separate road from the other for a time, a short time, I pray.

Who knows what treasures Cynddl might find as we travel along the river.

The oxen travel along special roads cut out of the soft stone that edges the river.

So I book a coach ticket, travel along the coast and squirm through a packed Dell to the far edge of the terrace.

Those who travel along the Courrain coastline in this realm eventually see a medium-sized city on the horizon.

Unless the heroes discover the secret behind their origins, over the next few years, the numbers of the undead will grow enought to block all travel along the Vingaard.