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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

muscle over the back of the neck, 1704, from Modern Latin trapezius (musculus), masc. adjective from trapezium (see trapezium). So called from the shape they form.


n. (context anatomy English) A large vertebrate skeletal muscle divided into an ascending, descending, and transverse portion, attaching the neck and central spine to the outer extremity of the scapula; it functions in scapular elevation, adduction, and depression.


n. either of two flat triangular muscles of the shoulder and upper back that are involved in moving the shoulders and arms [syn: trapezius muscle, cowl muscle, musculus trapezius]


Usage examples of "trapezius".

You build up pad of splenius muss-kle, it takes de blow, de trapezius muss-kle takes de weight.

There were knots in my trapezius muscles and in my latissimus dorsi and my head throbbed.

The sternomastoids and the trapezius muscles alone are enough to prevent it.

The man sat comfortlessly on the broken shard of a boulder, leaning forward, his wedge-shaped trapezius muscles hanging limply from his neck.

The deltoideus, triceps brachia, latissimus dorsi and trapezius are like great marvelous wads of brown weathered stone.

In the clavicle area, where the muscle webs of the trapezius and deltoid are thinned out, the descending brachial plexus, which includes a big ulnar and radial nerves to the arm, is close to the bone.

She leaned over the latest gel electrophoresis run on tissue from the unidentified corpse, feeling her trapezius muscles cry out in protest as she reached forward.

By now, his trapezius muscle would be tight as a clam from the strain he'd put it through.

But in the darkness I hit too far back, and my fists rebounded off the great rubbery bulk of the trapezius muscle, and he disconcerted me with the speed with which he came lunging off the bed, shoulder slamming into my chest, big arms clamping and locking around me as he drove me back onto her empty bed.

Then and only then did he begin to rub the knot that was already forming on the big trapezius muscle that sloped from neck to shoulder.

Spock wondered if he could use the nerve-pinch on her, if his hand could span her massive trapezius muscle, if the nerve itself were close enough to the surface to be accessible.

The trapezius muscle, on the outside of the neck, stopped the knife from exiting.

The pain lessened a little as I shifted my position and controlled my breathing, but one of his punches seemed to have torn a ligament and the big trapezius muscle of my back sent sharp pains right up to my neck.

I stitched up your leg and neck, or, more accurately, your trapezius muscle.

Instead, I opened my mouth as if to kiss the smooth flesh over the trapezius muscle, catching her collarbone with my lower jaw.