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Transvaro (: "Transvaro Electron Tools Ind. and Trade Inc.") was founded as joint venture company in 1988. Since 1995, it has become % 100 Turkish capital company. Transvaro operates 5000 sqm closed space production plant in Istanbul.

Transvaro serves Turkish Army forces and security forces by manufacturing a wide range of products and systems such as image-intensifying night-vision equipment, turnkey simulation systems/centers, IR/laser equipment, electronic/electro-optical systems, electronic time fuses, electronic time setters, message terminal units and minimum metal detectors.

Transvaro realizes turnkey projects on electronic security systems in addition to its production activities.

Transvaro's quality management system has founded according to the ISO 9001:2000 and AQAP-2120 standards and the system has evaluated and certified by ABS quality evaluations (ABS QE) and Ministry of National Defence Quality Management Department. In addition, Transvaro has 'National Secret' secretary level factory security certificate given by Ministry of National Defence.

Transvaro, which is Turkey's first night-vision periscope producer with %100% Turkish capital, conform with AQAP 2120 and ISO9001 standards in electronic and electro-optic equipment and system design and production.