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Trans-Siberian or Transsiberian may refer to:

  • Trans-Siberian Railway, a railway line from Moscow to Vladivostok
    • Rossija (train), a passenger train service Moscow-Vladivostok, commonly called Trans-Siberian
  • Trans-Siberian Railway (Fabergé egg), a jewelled Easter egg
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra, a symphonic rock band
  • Transsiberian (film), a 2008 adventure film, directed by Brad Anderson, set on the Trans-Siberian Railway and its Trans-Manchurian branch, which runs from China to Moscow.

Usage examples of "trans-siberian".

He was released from prison without guard and ordered to make his own way to Krasnoyarsk, the nearest stop on the Trans-Siberian railway.

The delay might mean a massive disruption in the schedule of trains rolling over the six thousand miles of the Trans-Siberian track.