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The actual control of criminal underlings lay in the hands of Pointer Trame, a big-shot in his own right.

They had expected Pointer Trame to be next in line, but had not connected him with recent crimes at sea.

Cuban capital had occurred at about the time when Pointer Trame had last been seen there.

After a close scrutiny of the uninvited guest, Trame decided that he was just what he claimed to be - a wrecked aviator, rescued from the brine.

Soon, The Shadow and Pointer Trame were clouding the air with puffs from fat cigars.

Subtly, in that cajoling tone that he faked so well, Trame was suggesting reasons why Cranston should stay aboard the Marmora for a while.

While they waited, Trame reached into the desk and brought out a sheaf of typewritten papers.

There, seating himself in a deep steamer chair, The Shadow finished a last few puffs at the fine Havana cigar that Trame had given him.

Then, once more The Shadow, he would pry deep into the affairs of Pointer Trame and the crooks who served that bold impostor.

If those salvage operations went too far, Trame would have to take a hand.

With Raydorf in his employ, Pointer Trame could go far with his impersonation of Trebble.

At this rate, Trame could bleed the vast riches that belonged to Jerome Trebble.

The evil-faced secretary was going up on deck to talk with Trame, hence did not bother to lock the cabin door.

Most of those letters were a year old, written before Pointer Trame ever had met Jerome Trebble.

In meeting Jerome Trebble, Pointer Trame had not found a master of many millions.