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n. 1 The skills acquired through experience of a trade. 2 (context espionage English) The methods used in espionage and clandestine operations.


n. skill acquired through experience in a trade; often used to discuss skill in espionage; "instructional designers are trained in something that might be called tradecraft"; "the CIA chief of station accepted responsibility for his agents' failures of tradecraft"


Tradecraft, within the intelligence community, refers to the techniques used in modern espionage and generally, the activity of intelligence. This includes general topics or techniques ( dead drops, for example), or the specific techniques of a nation or organization (the particular form of encryption used by the NSA, for example).

Usage examples of "tradecraft".

Leicester had gone through six months of tradecraft training at the Farm with Eric, tailing unsuspecting tourists through the streets of Williamsburg, Virginia.

It was just one more bit of tradecraft designed to buy him a little extra time.

Patience has got to be a part of your tradecraft, boyo, his father had told him in the early days.

Stephanie had told him to let go, to trust in his own instincts not only for tradecraft, but for his sense of right versus wrong.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the PSS officers promptly turned every bit of their new tradecraft skills against the Israelis.

Sam Waterman for taking the time to inculcate the dark arts of tradecraft into him.

The Russian journalist was recruited in Trieste, given some elementary tradecraft training on a farm in Austria, then sent back to Moscow.

Had the KGB become suspicious of Manny and trailed him despite his tradecraft precautions?

Barbizon seem to suggest that, in violation of standard tradecraft precautions, the Polish woman talked the cutout into a face-to-face meeting.

When he was clear of the tail, he stopped and turnedthis was bad tradecraft, and he knew itto see Brian putting the pen back into his coat pocket.

If you have every organization in Iraq penetrated, if you have every Iraqi citizen so terrified that he or she believes that every word he or she utters is heard by the security services, and if you are willing to kill or torture every member of Iraqi society to find the information you seek, you can be just as effective as if you had brilliant agents, outstanding tradecraft, and ultrasophisticated technology.

It was part of his tradecraft automatically to collect bits and pieces like that and store them away for possible future use.

Ever mindful of the tradecraft he had learned as a young KGB officer, the general closed the bedroom door but left the door of the study open so that he could see if Captain Sjogren awakened and approached the study.

And suddenly the voice held all the old steel and command it had possessed those long years ago when Victor Demyenov had picked a drunken and shattered Takisian out of the gutters of Hamburg and trained him in the delicate tradecraft of the modern spy.

The Dancer retained enough tradecraft to keep the telephone conversations bland.