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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
trade deficit
▪ A recent investment boom should help firms to compete internationally, though in the short term it has worsened the trade deficit.
▪ Despite the increase in exports, the overall trade deficit rose S$4,900 million to S$14,600 million in 1990.
▪ I see a growing trade deficit and a reliance on overseas sources of innovation.
▪ The resulting trade deficit and shortage of incoming foreign exchange added to the country's balance-of-payments problem.
trade deficit

n. (context economics English) A negative balance of trade.

trade deficit

n. an excess of imports over exports

Usage examples of "trade deficit".

It happened just as Cozzano was making a point about the trade deficit.

You know, Jack, if they start building automobiles and play the same game they're playing on everything else, our trade deficit could get real ugly real fast, and frankly I'm tired of having us finance their economic development, which they then execute with heavy equipment bought in Japan and Europe.

Clearly our large trade deficit with Japan was due in part to protectionism.

But the borrowing was used for enrichment of the rich -- for consumption (which meant lots of imports, building up the trade deficit), financial manipulation and speculation.

That makes the President madder than hell, because he's spent the last nine months of his term in office creating a series of reciprocal trade agreements with Japan to help lessen our enormous trade deficit.

Andropov always broke into a cold sweat when he opened it, then paid, significantly reducing the American foreign trade deficit.

The British Cabinet that year was wrestling with a huge trade deficit, slumping popularity polls, and restiveness over a divided mood on European policy.

Okay, I told myself, David Allen certainly could use the money, since his child's medical bills were apt to rival the trade deficit.

America already had a sizable trade deficit with China, one that would grow over the years as the United States purchased between 35 and 40 percent of Chinese exports annually.