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Tra or TRA may refer to:

  • Iridescent shark, a type of shark catfish commonly sold as tra or swai
  • Tra Hoa Bo Dê, King of Champa (in what is now southern Vietnam) from 1342 to 1360
  • Phạm Văn Trà (born 1935), four-star general, former Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnamese Army and former Minister of Defense of Vietnam
  • Trần Văn Trà (1918–1996), North Vietnamese lieutenant general and Vietcong leader
  • William Tra Thomas (born 1974), former National Football League player
TRA (baseball statistic)

tRA is a baseball statistic used to measure the performance of a pitcher. Similar to FIP, tRA uses a mathematical formula to isolate the pitcher from his defense. Thus, tRA is a defense-independent pitching statistic. Unlike FIP and dERA, however, tRA takes into account batted ball type (that is, line drives, fly balls, pop ups, and ground balls) as well as strikeouts, walks, and home runs.

Tra (gene)

Female-specific protein transformer is a protein that in Drosophila melanogaster is encoded by the tra gene.

The transformer protein controls female somatic sexual differentiation.

Usage examples of "tra".

Era il famoso pugno con cui il nostro Silvio lo aveva capovolto tra le ruote della carrozza.

Orazio, cui nessuno contendeva il comando, aveva disteso circa cento dei suoi, comandati da Muzio in bersaglieri, tra i massi ed il bosco che dominavano il monte dalla parte ove si vedeva il nemico avanzare.

Vi furono delle pugne tra popolani e papalini, ove coi denti, in mancanza di altre armi, furono sbranati i nemici.

Essa aveva trovato il suo Eden tra le macerie e sotto la toga cenciosa del nostro mendico aveva scoperto colla sua immaginazione esaltata il tipo della fiera razza degli antichi Quiriti.

Qui bisogna ordinare la marcia, pensai tra me, e spinger la vecchia in capo fila.

Each time, she had reluctantly complied, and Tras had glared suspiciously at Ashur and scratched his head.

She shrugged, stepped out of her circle, walked between Tras and Kimon, then returned to her assigned place.

But there were no more candles in the room, and when Tras hurried for the door a new dread stole upon her.

Onokratos, leading their mounts, looked about to say something, but a wink and a headshake from Tras warned him to silence.

She and Tras shifted easily to a kicking motion, still pushing the raft.

It was a perfect time for an attack with Kimon and Tras on one side of the arena, she and Onokratos on the other.

Ashur would react if Tras tried to mount him, and the old warrior was in no shape for any rough action.

Rejoining Tras as they walked the horses back, he reassured him he was doing well, then froze when he saw the veteran guardsman talking to Synda.

They mounted again, but Davyd waved to Bradon to watch as he talked to Tras and the lady.

Tras muttered as they formed a loose diamond with Synda riding beside Davyd and Bradon in front and Tras in the rear.