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TPO may refer to:


  • Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Tin Pot Operation, an indie-punk band from Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

Biology and medicine

  • the temporo-parieto-occipital junction of the brain
  • thyroid peroxidase (or thyroperoxidase), an enzyme in the thyroid
  • thrombopoietin, a hormone stimulating platelet growth


  • Transportation Planning Organization, United States


  • Temporary protective order, a court order banning someone from going near a third party that they have allegedly harassed, in Ireland or the United States
  • a tree preservation order in the United Kingdom


  • Track Production Officer in NATO's Control and Reporting Centre

Science and technology

  • ThermoPlastic Olefin, a plastic polymer/filler blend
  • Transmitter power output in radio transmission


  • The People's Operator, a mobile virtual network operator, United Kingdom
  • Third-party ownership in association football
  • Time, Place, Occasion, an acronym primarily used to indicate dependence on context in Japanese language
  • Total Packaged Oxygen, related to a measure of oxygen in the liquid and gas phase in a packaged container. Often used in relation to bottled beverages
  • A Transit Patrol Officer of Victoria Transit Patrol, Australia
  • Travelling Post Offices, mail trains in Great Britain
  • Treatment Plant Operator, an operator of water and waste water treatment plants
  • Triple peel on opponent manoeuvre in croquet