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init. 1 (context tradecraft English) teeth per inch — a measure used on saw blades 2 (context computing English) tracks per inch — a measure of disk capacity


TPI may refer to:

  • Technique Polytechnic Institute, a Diploma Engineering & Vocational Training College in West Bengal, India
  • Threads per inch, a measure used with threaded fasteners and woven fabrics
  • Thread count, or threads per inch, a measure of the number of threads in an inch of fabric
  • Twist per inch, or turns per inch, a measurement used in the yarn industry
  • Tracks per inch, a measure of tracks a floppy disk controller can use within a linear one-inch space
  • Tok Pisin (ISO 639 code), a language of Papua New Guinea
  • Tire Pressure Indicator, a product by NIRA Dynamics AB
  • Triosephosphate isomerase, an enzyme
  • True Performance Index, a measurement for AMD processors
  • Two person integrity, a security measure requiring the presence of two authorized individuals at all times
  • TPI test, used to detect presence of Treponema pallidum bacteria
  • The Town Planning Institute, later the Royal Town Planning Institute, a professional organisation in the United Kingdom
  • The Ted Petty Invitational, an annual wrestling tournament held by IWA:Mid-South to honor the late Ted Petty (Rocco Rock)
  • MNCTV, formerly TPI (Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia) until 2010, private television station in Indonesia
  • TPI Specialties, an auto parts manufacturer
  • TPI Polene, Thai cement manufacturer
  • Trading Places International, an California-based vacation services corporation
  • Tehran Psychiatric Institute