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Toyo may refer to: timid or shy

Usage examples of "toyo".

But as they began to make their way toward the trail, a Toyota four-by-four vehicle painted with the distinctive green of the Amn Al-Khass Interior Police-with five armed and uniformed men inside-raced past them and rounded the corner just behind them.

A rose-gray Toyota Corolla had been parked there since yesterday, all full of blankets and nonperishable food and stuffed toys for Sprout, to ensure they began the crosscountry leg of their escape as clean as possible.

The good Samaritans were in a Toyota Previa, man and woman in the front, two kids in the back.

Toyota Previa pulled over by the side of the road, and seven Chinese men and women got out of it.

A Toyota Previa pulled over by the side of the road, and seven Chinese men and women got out of it.

Big white flakes swooped onto the windshield of the Toyota Previa, to be swept aside by the long wipers.

Within minutes our rigs, sniper suits and oxygen kit had been stowed in large bin liners and we were aboard two Toyota Previas, the drivers wearing NVGs, bouncing along the desert floor, heading for a light industrial estate on the outskirts of a town less than a mile from the Golan Heights and the border with Israel.

Toyota said it was still only 3:30, and there were stretches of road where the sky flared bright blue overhead, but in the shadows of the trees it seemed almost twilight.

Advanced Tactical Quiet Generator with the Toyota cold decoupling fuel cell, and the addition of military-standard safing mechanisms to what was now being called the firing controller.

There were stunned and wounded guerrillas scattered around the wrecked Toyota, one man was trapped under it, his legs and pelvis crushed by the steel side and he was screaming like a rabbit in a wire snare.

Toyota Elites replaced Jackrabbits, and Mitsubishi Nightskys took the place of Westwind 2000s.

However in another whining article about how great they all were, these pedalling pricks, he read what terrible havoc four-wheel-drive vehicles, Range Rovers, Toyota Amazons, Mitsubishi Shoguns, were carving through the pedestrian and cycling population with their big bumpy bumpers.

It was a roofless old Toyota LandCruiser with an unmuffled engine, and when she started it, it was so loud there was no way to pretend we might casually drive through Dar without being noticed.

The Toyota somersaulted over its ruined front wheel assembly, hurling Craig out of the open cab door.

As Craig glanced back at her Sally-Anne touched down and then taxied at speed down the strip towards the racing Toyota.