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The arrival was Toyne, the secretary who had lost his tenacious grapple with The Shadow, the night before.

The Shadow was out of sight behind the door when Toyne passed him in the gloom.

It would have been unfortunate for Toyne if he had detected The Shadow.

The Shadow had handled Toyne under strained conditions the night before.

All the while, The Shadow would be waiting, covering Toyne from the crack of the end door.

Stationed beyond that door, The Shadow would be out of sight when Toyne and Bryland went past.

Instead of pausing to jolt the door tighter, Toyne went along the passage toward the reception room.

Since Toyne had not seen him, there was no reason to intimidate the secretary, because the door was unlatched.

Moreover, since Toyne had failed to note that the door had not closed tightly, he would logically make the same error again.

Promptly, he eased the door open, so softly that Toyne did not hear it.

He had just reached that vantage point when Toyne reappeared from the reception room, accompanied by Bryland.

Watching, The Shadow could see the door thump hard when Toyne closed it from the other side.

Preferably, Bryland would have slid through to the main portion of the embassy, where Toyne awaited him.

Across the grand hall, Toyne saw Nina Valencita talking with others who still discussed the excitement that had disturbed the ball.

The forest folk had looked to Toyne to defend them, but Ser Arthur did more for them than the Brotherhood could ever hope to do, and won them to our side.