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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a poisonous/toxic gas
▪ Carbon monoxide is the main poisonous gas in car exhaust.
a toxic substance (=harmful to people and the environment)
▪ All toxic substances should be labelled and carefully stored in a safe place.
a toxic/dangerous compound (=containing poisonous or harmful substances)
▪ toxic compounds such as heavy metals
hazardous/toxic waste
▪ the illegal dumping of hazardous waste
toxic emissions (=poisonous)
▪ By the end of the decade we could reduce toxic emissions by half.
toxic pollutants
▪ a dumping ground for toxic pollutants
toxic shock syndrome
toxic waste
▪ a toxic waste dump
toxic/poisonous (=containing poison)
▪ The chemicals that were released were highly toxic.
▪ Liver damage is known to occur when the breakdown product of a chemical is highly toxic.
▪ Heating oil is highly toxic in the short term, but it evaporates quickly, reducing the long-term damage.
▪ Read in studio A man who's accused of dumping highly toxic waste into a river has been remanded on bail.
▪ Police are warning that the chemicals are highly toxic and anyone who comes into contact with them should seek urgent medical attention.
▪ The drugs used are highly toxic and those in charge have to learn the dangers both to themselves and to patients.
▪ Among that sludge were quantities of the heavy metal Cadmium, known to be highly toxic.
▪ But it appears to be highly toxic, especially when vaporised.
▪ High level waste remains active for 250,000 years and is highly toxic to most life forms.
▪ Last year it was decided that even less toxic paints could not be put in the ground.
▪ Other less toxic or benign metals such as calcium, magnesium, and strontium are also efficiently dissolved.
▪ Catalysts convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, which is less toxic, but equally polluting to the environment.
▪ Such regimens reduce the cost of administration and may be less toxic.
▪ It is less effective in treating ulcers than carbenoxolone but it is also less toxic.
▪ The materials available to our grandmothers were either more toxic or less effective.
▪ Levels are 250 times more toxic than the concentration that kills trout.
▪ Only its natural decay product, polonium, is more toxic.
▪ A return to even more toxic chemicals?
▪ However, the initial products of the enzyme reactions are sometimes more toxic than the original chemical.
▪ Beyond the barrier lay some of the most toxic chemicals known, awaiting destruction by fire.
▪ But there was yet another metal involved: aluminum, which could be the most toxic of all.
▪ This is the first time that plutonium, the most toxic substance in the world, has been discovered in scrap metal.
▪ The waste is the most toxic remains of the industrial accident at Seveso in 1976.
▪ Nigel Armstrong, Leeds, Yorkshire I keep reading that plutonium is the most toxic substance in the world.
▪ The dioxins include some of the most toxic by-products ever created by the chemical industry.
▪ In Chapter 8, the author describes a number of tests to monitor both nutrients and potentially toxic species in agricultural soils.
▪ The society argues that the assessment was inaccurate and inadequate, particularly as it made no mention of potentially toxic chemicals.
▪ One week the algae could be clear of toxins and the next week very toxic but no one yet know why.
▪ Blood is very toxic to neurons, which stop working and often die when the blood comes in direct contact with them.
▪ Give any large areas a squirt of zinc chromate primer but beware - it is very toxic and carcinogenic.
▪ A test kit for ammonia is very essential, as it is very toxic.
▪ Warning: Mercury is very toxic and the switch must not be cut open in any circumstances.
▪ Beyond the barrier lay some of the most toxic chemicals known, awaiting destruction by fire.
▪ An initial program may include only the most acutely toxic chemicals.
▪ Numerous instances of the dumping or abandonment of toxic chemicals and other materials have been discovered.
▪ That fancy motherboard that runs your computer is dipped in toxic chemicals.
▪ Army scatter-spray these toxic chemicals from planes.
▪ Entire coastal bays and lagoons along the coast have been fouled by oil spills and the runoff of toxic chemicals.
▪ The cause, it appears, is the ever-increasing burden of toxic chemicals to which we are exposed.
▪ You want some weirdo skulking around the aisles, spraying toxic chemicals all over the place?
▪ The exam-ple that first comes to mind is Superfund, the response to toxic dumps.
▪ The mesquite forests that once lined a river brimming with unique native fish have given way to banks of toxic dumps.
▪ Laws about toxic emissions, like membership of regulatory bodies, have been dictated by industry lobbyists.
▪ We campaigned ferociously to ban the stuff that could kill people in minutes with its toxic fumes.
▪ The other, in 1972, happened when a man was overcome by toxic fumes.
▪ They give off thick black toxic fumes, which often prove to be more lethal than the flames themselves.
▪ Also, you may throw on the fire something that gives off toxic fumes.
▪ There was serious talk of ecological suicide, criminal irresponsibility and the evils of toxic fumes merging with alcoholic ones.
▪ Do not use the stove inside a tent because of the risk of fire and toxic fumes.
▪ Rubbish litters our countryside, toxic fumes are belched into our air and radioactive discharge pollutes our seas.
▪ This apparently disposes of the toxic fumes much more safely.
▪ These pellets should not be used extensively in the domestic market because of the possibility of their producing toxic gases when incompletely burnt.
▪ Our engineers have incorporated a 3-way catalytic converter into an advanced engine design that reduces toxic gases by up to 95%.
▪ It is estimated that lead reaches toxic levels in the blood of 17 percent of urban children under school age.
▪ The concurrent administration of disulfiram may result in toxic levels of these drugs.
▪ Medical advice suggests that they are not yet at toxic levels, which would pose a threat to human health.
▪ This unmanaged data tide is at toxic levels.
▪ Because of the small difference between therapeutic and toxic levels in the serum, accurate measurements of lithium concentrations are essential.
▪ In general, the long-acting barbiturates have higher therapeutic and toxic levels than the shorter-acting barbiturates.
▪ Further, soft coal sometimes contains dangerous concentrations of toxic materials such as arsenic, antimony, and cadmium.
▪ These toxic materials are washed down rivers into lakes and oceans, contributing to freshwater and marine extinctions.
▪ Over the last three years, water pumped from the convention center exceeded state standards for toxic metals on 11 occasions.
▪ They calculate severe leaching of such toxic metals as beryllium, aluminum, mercury, lead, and cadmium.
▪ The city's canals are used as a dumping ground for a range of toxic pollutants.
▪ One capable of reducing by more than 90% the trio of toxic pollutants in exhaust.
▪ We report a fatal case of toxic shock syndrome in a 14 year old girl associated with minor day case dermatological surgery.
▪ Unlike necrotizing fasciitis, the toxic shock caused by strep infection was virtually unheard of 10 years ago.
▪ In 1990, streptococcal toxic shock nearly killed Jessica Esquivel, then 6, of Imperial Beach.
▪ In every mouthful a toxic shock.
▪ Since 1990, Bradley said two children besides Jessica have been admitted to the hospital with severe streptococcal toxic shock.
▪ Twenty four hours after admission toxic shock syndrome was finally diagnosed.
▪ If this is the case then the mystery which originally shrouded toxic shock syndrome has been solved.
▪ New nosodes have also been added to the armamentarium and special remedies prepared from specific antigens and toxic substances.
▪ Well, he claims that her problems are caused by toxic substances she must have eaten as a child.
▪ This is the first time that plutonium, the most toxic substance in the world, has been discovered in scrap metal.
▪ Occupational health laws regulate toxic substances in the work environment.
▪ Be careful with toxic substances and always follow the directions on the bottles with great care.
▪ The toxic substances department must approve it and hammer out a legal agreement with the group before moving forward.
▪ Nigel Armstrong, Leeds, Yorkshire I keep reading that plutonium is the most toxic substance in the world.
▪ Groundand balloon-carried sensors tested the air for toxic substances.
▪ They included the construction of sewage purification plants in 100 coastal cities and the establishment of at least 25 supervised toxic waste depots.
▪ What about the dumping of toxic waste?
▪ It proposes a two-year ban on exports of toxic waste while the new technologies are being tested.
▪ He feels much of the opposition is based on the false belief that the incinerator will also handle toxic waste.
▪ Even allowing for O'Donovan doing half as much business, this would mean 3000 tonnes of toxic waste leaving Ireland a year.
▪ Unlike the gentle technique described earlier, anti-cellulite massage should be vigorous to help drain away toxic wastes from the tissues.
▪ Ammonia is the toxic waste produced by the fish and this is initially bacterially broken down to nitrite in your filtration system.
▪ Read in studio A man who's accused of dumping highly toxic waste into a river has been remanded on bail.
toxic chemicals
▪ Carbon dioxide is not highly toxic to animals or humans in small amounts.
▪ highly toxic radioactive waste products
▪ Research has found that the drug contains a toxic chemical that can cause respiratory problems.
▪ We need more installations for the disposal of toxic waste.
▪ A pathologist gave the cause of death as toxic poisoning from a combination of Coproximol and alcohol.
▪ An initial program may include only the most acutely toxic chemicals.
▪ Certain toxic syndromes indicating a specific substance may become familiar to medical staff owing to frequent local abuse.
▪ Disulfiram should not be used or used cautiously in any person at increased risk for having a toxic reaction.
▪ I began to feel slightly nauseous and wondered if Archie's words might be having a toxic effect.
▪ The plastic is removed by burning it off, a process that creates a haze of toxic smoke.
▪ This toxic recycling has sucked the life out of political debate.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Toxic \Tox"ic\, Toxical \Tox"ic*al\, a. [L. toxicum poison, originally, a poison in which arrows were dipped, Gr. toxiko`n (sc. ?) poison for smearing arrows with, fr. toxiko`s of or for the bow, from to`xon bow, arrow. Cf. Intoxicate.] Of or pertaining to poison; poisonous; as, toxic medicines.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1660s, from French toxique and directly from Late Latin toxicus "poisoned," from Latin toxicum "poison," from Greek toxikon (pharmakon) "(poison) for use on arrows," from toxikon, neuter of toxikos "pertaining to arrows or archery," and thus to a bow, from toxon "bow," probably from a Scythian word that also was borrowed into Latin as taxus "yew." Watkins suggests a possible source in Iranian taxša- "bow," from PIE *tekw- "to run, flee." As a noun from 1890.


a. (context toxicology English) Having a chemical nature that is harmful to health or lethal if consumed or otherwise entering into the body in sufficient quantities.


adj. of or relating to or caused by a toxin or poison; "suffering from exposure to toxic substances" [ant: nontoxic]

Toxic (song)

"Toxic" is a song recorded by American singer Britney Spears for her fourth studio album In the Zone (2003). It was written and produced by Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg (known collectively as Bloodshy & Avant), with additional writing from Cathy Dennis and Henrik Jonback. The song released on January 13, 2004, by Jive Records, as the second single from In the Zone. After trying to choose between "(I Got That) Boom Boom" and " Outrageous" to be the second single from In the Zone, Spears selected "Toxic" instead. A dance song with elements of bhangra music, "Toxic" features varied instrumentation, such as drums, synthesizers and surf guitar. It is accompanied by high-pitched Bollywood strings and breathy vocals. Its lyrics draw an extended metaphor of a lover as a dangerous yet addictive drug. The song has received critical acclaim by music critics, who deemed it as the strongest track of In the Zone, and praised its hook and chorus.

"Toxic" attained worldwide success, reaching the top-five in 15 countries, while topping the charts in Australia, Canada, Hungary, Ireland, Norway and the United Kingdom. In the United States, it became her fourth top-ten single. The accompanying music video for the song was directed by Joseph Kahn and features references to Blade Runner, The Seven Year Itch and the films of John Woo. It portrays Spears as a secret agent in the search of a vial of green liquid. After she steals it, she enters an apartment and poisons her unfaithful boyfriend. The video also includes interspersed scenes of Spears naked with diamonds on her body. After Janet Jackson's Super Bowl incident, the video was considered too racy for MTV and was moved to late-night programming.

Spears has performed "Toxic" in a number of live appearances, including the 2004 NRJ Music Awards and in three of her concert tours. It was the opening number of The Onyx Hotel Tour (2004), where she sang atop of a bus wearing a black catsuit; Spears also performed remixed versions of the song at The Circus Starring Britney Spears (2009), the Femme Fatale Tour (2011) and Britney: Piece of Me (2013). "Toxic" has been covered by artists such as Mark Ronson, A Static Lullaby, Reece Mastin and Ingrid Michaelson, and in television series Glee. The song has also appeared in feature films such as Knocked Up, You Again and television series Doctor Who. "Toxic" won Spears her first Grammy at the 2005 ceremony in the category of Best Dance Recording, while gaining her credibility amongst critics. The song has been included in lists by Pitchfork, NME and Rolling Stone as one of the best songs of the decade.

Toxic (disambiguation)

Toxic or Toxicity or similar may refer to:

Toxic (film)

Toxic is a 2010 thriller film. It was released direct-to-video on July 8, 2010.

Toxic (album)

Toxic is the fifth studio album by Japanese rock band the Gazette. It was released on October 5, 2011 in Japan and includes four singles: " Shiver", " Red", " Pledge", and " Vortex". The album scored number 3 on the Oricon Daily Charts and number 6 on the Oricon Weekly Charts, selling 25,412 copies in its first week.

Toxic (magazine)

Toxic magazine was a British comics magazine launched in September 2002 by London-based Egmont Publishing. The intention was to address the elusive boys' magazine market. Its funny and anarchic take on all the important things in a boy's world proved to be extremely successful and the title continues to be published.

Toxic is "edited" by Team Toxic, a group of creatures under the supervision of Doc Shock.

Key content strands include movies, gaming (traditional and virtual world), TV, DVD, jokes, comics, sport, cars, celebrity, competition prizes and how-to.

The current comic strips are Captain Gross, Busted Bieber, Team Toxic, Luke's Spooks and Mad City's Star Signings, as of April 2012.

Initially launched as a monthly title, Toxic increased frequency to every three weeks with issue 14, then to fortnightly with issue 34.

Since January 2011, Toxic has been edited by former Shoot editor and Nuts journalist Frank Tennyson.

The last three ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) periods - Jan/June 2011, July/Dec 2011 and Jan/June 2012 - have seen Toxic record circulation increases.

Toxic celebrated a decade of publishing in the autumn of 2012.

Usage examples of "toxic".

The fumes given off by acetone, benzine, xylene, and formaldehyde are toxic and may cause sickness.

Marghe wondered how she had been able to tell about the cumulative toxic effect of the adjuvants just from that test, but had not doubted that she could, and was glad to find someone who thought she could help her body get rid of them.

Cotton seed is dipped in a fungicide and planted in a Mississippi field sprayed with aldicarb, one of the most toxic chemicals applied in the United States.

The toxic result resided in the vaults of the caravanserai, a troubling burden he tried his very best to forget.

The four kids had managed to cart all the robotware and comp junk into the service elevator and were presumably down on the street now trying to convince some free-lance trasher there was nothing toxic or hazardous hidden away in any of the shells.

Sometimes, actually, I do feel like having fun, pretending to be charming, putting on my suit with the toxic tennis shoes, regaling local environmentalists with war stories, describing the variety of crap they have in their tap water.

I did was affect a chemical substitute for glycogen, combined with a method of creating a static condition in the tissue which is unsympathetic to the formation of toxic lactic, the accumulation of which is fatigue.

The preventing is done by introducing into your muscular tissue a substitute for glycogen, a carbohydrate which affects the restoration of activity to fatigued muscles, and also producing a static status of tissue which is unsympathetic to the formation of any fatigue toxic.

A few months after the government put the regulation against liquid toxic waste in landfill into effect, they suspended it.

The foolishness was most strong in Sessurea, for as he whipped himself into position to challenge Maulkin, his orange mane was already erect and toxic.

Yet over the past few days they had performed antibody testing, osteological analysis, tests for toxic residues and teratogens, as well as numerous other procedures.

And remember that although pyrethrum is just powdered flowers, it can be toxic and should be washed off the pet once the operation is finished.

Chemical formulations of pyrethrum are more toxic than the natural ones, but they are still less toxic than lindane.

Hawkins had spent his whole life in the Park Service, helping to replant the Amazon, revegetate the Himalayas, cleanse the Great Barrier Reef, excoriate toxic waste from the Siberian steppe, and repopulate the vast herds of Africa.

Park Service, helping to replant the Amazon, revegetate the Himalayas, cleanse the Great Barrier Reef, excoriate toxic waste from the Siberian steppe, and repopulate the vast herds of Africa.