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n. (plural of town English)

Towns -- U.S. County in Georgia
Population (2000): 9319
Housing Units (2000): 6282
Land area (2000): 166.662966 sq. miles (431.655083 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 5.347149 sq. miles (13.849053 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 172.010115 sq. miles (445.504136 sq. km)
Located within: Georgia (GA), FIPS 13
Location: 34.931235 N, 83.758821 W
Towns, GA
Towns County
Towns County, GA

Towns may refer to:

Towns (video game)

Towns is a 2012 simulation video game. Towns was initially developed by the three-person group SMP, consisting of Xavi Canal, Alex Poysky, and Ben Palgi. In February 2014, development was passed on to Florian Frankenberger. The game's influences are cited as Diablo, Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress on the official website. It was released on Steam Greenlight on November 7, 2012, as a beta product, causing some who purchased the game to complain that it was not made clear that the game was unfinished. The game was among the first ten games approved from Steam Greenlight to be sold in the Steam store.

Gameplay is a city-builder game viewed in a top-down isometric view with multiple levels of height, allowing the landscape to boast large hilly areas and deep caverns, and allowing the player to build tall structures, either high in the air, or deep under the ground; beginning a new game, the player has the option of choosing from a number of different biomes such as Grass, Desert, Snow, and so on, with each possessing their own qualities (bananas and radishes can only grow in a jungle biome but it can also generate hostile frogmen, cacti can only grow on a desert biome but they can generate giant scorpions, and so on).

When starting a new game, the player begins with 11 villagers and must gather resources and set aside space for different "rooms" - for example, creating a "Carpenter" room allows the construction of basic and advanced objects made of wood, which leads to a "Masonry" room for items made from stone, and so on.

On 9 February 2014, Canal announced on the Towns official forum that after releasing the latest build, v14, SMP was abandoning development of the game due to burnout. SMP passed development of the game on to Florian Frankenberger. Frankenberger ended his Towns development on May 6, 2014.

Usage examples of "towns".

The King had posted his troops in the towns of Limousin and Perigord, with orders to his captains to endeavour to take Poitiers by surprise.

Paris in its season, there is no movement, no activity, no bustle, in its towns, save, now and then, the confusion of market-days.

The entrance, nevertheless, was defended by two towers, which still exist, if not in all their original strength, yet exhibiting an aspect of defiance, and recalling recollections of times long past, such as few towns in France can now do.

They seem, also, wilfully blind to the blessings of the peace, which Louis Philippe so offends their warlike propensities by insisting on: even while they are restoring all their battered towns and erecting new edifices, of which they are proud enough, they would willingly leave them half done to draw the sword against some windmill giant, and buckle on their armour to encounter some puppet-show termagant.

La Rochelle, not the least curious is one related by Froissart, which occurred at the time when France was making a desperate struggle to recover her towns from the power of England.

France, to meet the exalted expectations of the numerous guides who exhibit to English travellers the lions of their towns, we were amused at the satisfaction betrayed by our silent cicerone.

One after another the towns and fortresses on the Garonne, Blancafort, Saint Macaire, Langon, Villandras, Cadillac, were forced to surrender.

As in all other French towns, building is actively going on, and new public works are in progress: some on a very grand scale.

It has shared the fate of all the other towns on the banks, during the ceaseless troubles which for ages made this river roll with blood.

They were taking their usual autumn voyage up the Garonne, and, from Agen, were destined to various towns as far as the Pyrenees, where they remain all the oyster season, receiving, by the boat, twice a week, a consignment of oysters to be disposed of, on the spot where their residence is fixed.

I afterwards met with more of my acquaintances in the dark, who were scattered through the towns of Gascony.

Pau in preference to Italy, or even other towns in France, is inexplicable.

We found ourselves carried away by the crowd into the street again, and were obliged to pause and take breath by the side of the clear rivulet, which, as in most of the towns here, runs swiftly through the streets, rendering them much cleaner than they would otherwise be.

Brittany the rope-makers work out of the towns near those places where lazar-houses were once established.

Its situation, close to the extensive coal and iron fields of Upper Silesia, in proximity to the Austrian and Russian frontiers, at the centre of a network of railways directly communicating both with these countries and with the chief towns of northern and central Germany, and on a deep waterway connecting with the Elbe and the Vistula, facilitates its very considerable transit and export trade in the products of the province and of the neighbouring countries.