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n. (archaic spelling of town English)


Towne, an archaic spelling of the word town, is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Benjamin Towne, publisher of the first American daily newspaper, the Pennsylvania Evening Post in 1783 - see History of American Newspapers
  • Charles A. Towne (1858–1928), U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative from Minnesota
  • Charles Towne (artist) (1763–1840), English painter
  • Charles Hanson Towne (1877–1949), American author, poet and editor
  • Francis Towne (1739 or 1740–1816), British landscape painter
  • Gene Towne (1904–1979), American screenwriter
  • Henry R. Towne (1844–1924), American mechanical engineer and entrepreneur
  • John Towne (1711?–1791), British religious controversialist
  • Joseph Towne (1806–1879), British anatomical modeller
  • Katharine Towne (born 1978), American actress
  • Laura Matilda Towne, African-American educator
  • Mary Eastey (1634–1692), née Towne, executed for witchcraft by the government of the Province of Massachusetts Bay during the Salem witch trials
  • Rebecca Nurse (1621–1692), née Towne, sister of Mary Eastey, also executed for witchcraft during the Salem witch trials
  • Robert Towne (born 1934), American actor and screenwriter
  • Robert Towne (clergyman) (1592/3?–1664), British clergyman and ejected minister
  • Sarah Cloyce (1648–1702), née Towne, sister of Mary Eastey and Rebecca Nurse, accused but not convicted of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials

Usage examples of "towne".

The difficultie and danger he told the Salvaves, of the Mines, great gunnes, and other Engins, exceedingly affrighted them, yet according to his request they went to James towne in as bitter weather as could be of frost and snow, and within three days returned with an answer.

For where the cause of hostilitie is all one, the like effect and issue is to be looked for at the hands of a cruell and raging enemie of the trueth: for in a maner, all the inhabitants of the Hanse Townes are very good fauourers of the reformed Religion, and mortall enemies to the Romish errors.

The Towne School Budget had gone missing for a week once, in 1962, and the teachers had chipped in and bought Rollie French who was Head of Selectmen then a millefleurs paperweight.

Townes that her Maiestie willed, and according to her Soueraigne auctoritie in her Dominions, commanded that they shoulde forbeare from thenceforth, from the beginning of the moneth of Ianuarie last past from carying of corne, and generally of all prouision of warre, cables, mastes, and like marchandise into Spaine and Portingall, whereby the enemie of her Kingdome might be the better furnished, vnder the paine of losse both of ships and goods, to be inflicted vpon such, as should violate this her princely commandement.

Alderman of the Stilliard in London, commanded to aduise the Hanse Townes.

While every man was thus stroken in feare, behold, one brought word to the good man of the house, that his three sonnes who had been brought up in good literature, and endued with good manners were dead, for they three had great acquaintance and ancient amity with a poore man which was their neighbour, and dwelled hard by them: and next unto him dwelled another young man very rich both in lands and goods, but bending from the race of his progenies dissentions, and ruling himselfe in the towne according to his owne will.

Transcripts were transferred and Betsy, Glover, Brooks, Rollins, and Little Becky were registered for fall enrollment at the Towne High School in twelfth, eleventh, and ninth grades.

Towne Decorating that day with her mind made up to special-order the Roman Holiday Stripes in peacock green and carousel yellow with a Tropical Fruit and Nesting Birds Swag border because she had thought she wanted a change from the eternal beige-on-beige rosettes she was replacing.

His name was Thiasus, hee was borne at Corinth, which is a principall towne of Achaia, and he had passed many offices of honor, till hee had taken upon him the degree Quinquenuall, according as his birth and dignity required, who to shew his worthinesse, and to purchase the benevolence of every person, appointed publike joyes and triumphs, to endure the space of three dayes, and to bring his endeavour to passe, he came into Thessaly to buy excellent Beasts, and valiant fighters for the purpose.

And therewithall he brought forth a certaine young man cloathed in linnen rayment, having on his feet a paire of pantofiles, and his crowne shaven, who kissed his hands and knees, saying, O priest have mercy, have mercy I pray thee by the Celestiall Planets, by the Powers infernall, by the vertue of the naturall elements, by the silences of the night, by the building of Swallows nigh unto the towne Copton, by the increase of the floud Nilus, by the secret mysteries of Memphis, and by the instruments and trumpets of the Isle Pharos, have mercy I say, and call to life this dead body, and make that his eyes which he closed and shut, may be open and see.

Dogs, some following such as flyed, some invading such as stood still, some tearing those which lay prostrate, but generally there were none which escaped cleare: Behold upon this another danger ensued, the Inhabitants of the Towne stood in their garrets and windowes, throwing great stones upon our heads, that wee could not tell whether it were best for us to avoyd the gaping mouthes of the Dogges at hand or the perill of the stones afarre, amongst whome there was one that hurled a great flint upon a woman, which sate upon my backe, who cryed out pitiously, desiring her husband to helpe her.

Moreover she caused, that the wife of a certain lover that she had should never be delivered of her childe, but according to the computation of all men, it is eight yeares past since the poore woman first began to swell, and now shee is encreased so big, that shee seemeth as though she would bring forth some great Elephant : which when it was knowne abroad, and published throughout all the towne, they tooke indignation against her, and ordayned that the next day shee should most cruelly be stoned to death.

After that we had passed a great part of our journey, we came to a village where we lay all night, but harken, and I will tell you what mischiefe happened there : you shall understand there was a servant to whom his Master had committed the whole government of his house, and was Master of the lodging where we lay : this servant had married a Maiden of the same house, howbeit he was greatly in love with a harlot of the towne, and accustomed to resort unto her, wherewith his wife was so highly displeased and became so jealous, that she gathered together all her husbands substance, with his tales and books of account, and threw them into a light fire : she was not contented with this, but she tooke a cord and bound her child which she had by her husband, about her middle and cast her selfe headlong into a deepe pit.

Physitian and her owne daughter : The child being young and tender dyed incontinently by force of the drinke, but the Physitians wife being stout and strong of complexion, feeling the poison to trill down into her body, doubted the matter, and thereupon knowing of certainty that she had received her bane, ran forthwith to the judges house, that what with her cryes, and exclamations, she raised up the people of the towne, and promising them to shew divers wicked and mischievous acts, caused that the doores and gates were opened.

But shee conveyed the principal Author of this ordinance about midnight, with all his house, the walls, the ground, and the foundation, into another towne, distant from thence an hundred miles, scituate and beeing on the top of an high hill, and by reason thereof destitute of water, and because the edifices and houses were so nigh built together, that it was not possible for the house to stand there, she threw it downe before the gate of the towne.