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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tow \Tow\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Towed (t[=o]d); p. pr. & vb. n. Towing.] [OE. towen, to[yogh]en; akin to OFries. toga to pull about, OHG. zog[=o]n, Icel. toga, AS. tohline a towline, and AS. te['o]n to draw, p. p. getogen. See Tug.] To draw or pull through the water, as a vessel of any kind, by means of a rope.


vb. (en-past of: tow)

Usage examples of "towed".

Far off in the distance, they could hear the low rumble of artillery fire shooting at the muslin-sleeved targets towed by planes.

It took fifteen minutes to get all the boats ready and surrounding the galleys, and by then Ramage had all his surviving seamen and Marines lining the quay two deep where the galleys would be towed alongside.

Pinto between the towed Mercedes and a row of cars parked against the curb.

A few lighters also come down the stream with bricks and produce from the interior, and are towed to the islands.

Determined to reach our destination that night we waited till the ebb stream made, and then towed the yacht with the dinghy.

He was right, and, as in a dream, I saw hurrying and palpitating up the same little pinnace that had towed us out of Bensersiel.

Harris and I towed, because getting tea was such a worrying work, and Harris and I looked tired.

By-and-by a small boat came in sight, towed through the water at a tremendous pace by a powerful barge horse, on which sat a very small boy.

George had towed us up to Staines, and we had taken the boat from there, and it seemed that we were dragging fifty tons after us, and were walking forty miles.

It was an old fisherman who, with immense difficulty, at last rescued us, and we were towed back in an ignominious fashion to the boat-yard.

Reading lock we came up with a steam launch, belonging to some friends of mine, and they towed us up to within about a mile of Streatley.

Already twenty-five hundred people had received rations from Troy, on Black River, and he had towed out a great many cattle, but a very great quantity remained and were in dire need.

He makes a personal inspection of the place where it is asked, sees what is necessary to be done, and then, having two boats chartered, with flats, sends them promptly to the place, when the cattle are loaded and towed to the pine hills and uplands of Catahoula.

He towed the captured freighters into hyperspace, and he brought them here.

This she would deposit in a circular basket being towed behind her, and resume groping.