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Towa may refer to:

Usage examples of "towa".

Some of those highlights, no doubt, spra from his appreciation for the face and form she presented to hi: Over the past night and day, she had tuned the illusion of her a pearance in careful, gradual incrementsshading her hair towa curls in richer shades of chestnut, her eyes toward hazel, layer!

The Great Man entered the command tent with a peculiar escort in towa very common-looking man of perhaps a little under fifty years, and a very beautiful boy.

Sulu fell into step beside her to join the migration towa d the main building.

Suddey the bulent, edd cnt caut e ply secud bges d s em d, sl e ne bge broadside to e towa Hez he went to her at as Pfl watch e at shudder m e violent force of e that.