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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tourn \Tourn\, n. [See Turn]

  1. A spinning wheel. [Prov. Eng.]

  2. (O.Eng.Law) The sheriff's turn, or court.


n. 1 A circuit made by a medieval English sheriff to the courts of his shire 2 (context UK dialect obsolete English) spinning wheel


The tourn (tour, turn) was the circuit made by the sheriff in medieval England to the hundreds of his shire. Here he would preside over the hundred court. This court normally met every three weeks, but during the tourn, at Easter and Michaelmas there were especially full meetings. These meetings were also known as 'views of frankpledge', because the sheriff was supposed to look into the frankpledge or frith-borh system.

Usage examples of "tourn".

The estates of Kerhill and Tourn, as well as the title of Lord Kerhill will be settled on my son, Lord Ven, upon his marriage to Lady Sky.