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Tourette (disambiguation)

Tourette's, or Tourette syndrome, is a neurological condition.

Tourette or Tourrettes may also refer to:

Tourette (automobile)

The Tourette was a microcar by Carr Brothers (later Progress Supreme Co Ltd) of Purley, London, England between 1956 and 1958.

It had a three-wheeled, rounded body that was available either in alloy on an ash frame, or in fibreglass. The car was powered by a two-stroke 197 cc Villiers engine driving through a four-speed gearbox with optional Dynastart reverse. Top speed was claimed to be . The single rear wheel was mounted in a pivotel fork. Front-wheel movement was controlled by hydraulically damped spring units. Final drive was by chain. A single bench seat provided accommodation for two adults and a child with some luggage space behind the seat.

Approximate weight, fully equipped, was . Fuel tank capacity was . In 1958, the purchase price (including purchase tax), was £386 10s 5d (£386.52). Only 26 are believed to have been produced.

Usage examples of "tourette".

Gilles de la Tourette, a pupil of Charcot, described the astonishing syndrome which now bears his name.

Pierre Marie, then Joseph Babinski and Georges Gilles de la Tourette, walked silently onto the stage in their long white aprons.

My depiction of the Salpetriere at that time is as close to the reality as I can make it, and the various disciples of Charcot, including Georges Gilles de la Tourette, Pierre Marie and Joseph Babinski, existed as described, as did Mile Cottard and Blanche Wittmann.

Aboute his chaar ther wenten white alauntz, Twenty and mo, as grete as any steer, To hunten at the leoun or the deer, And folwed hym, with mosel faste ybounde, Colored of gold, and tourettes fyled rounde.

Then she remembered that she was dressed as a male youth, as were Crenelle, Tourette, and Lita.

But Talena, Crenelle, Tourette, and Lita were significantly farther toward the boats than they had been.

They were now sharing the house with the neighbors whose home had been destroyed: Crenelle and her pretty but awkward daughter Tourette.

Heath could not have told him of Crenelle and Tourette, because Heath had not known they would be here.

As they organized for supper in the evening, Talena staged a dialogue with Melee for the benefit of the monitors: "Melee, remember last year when Lita and I were trapped with Crenelle and Tourette?

Talena, Crenelle, and Tourette walked beside, all of them secretly armed.

Then Crenelle and Tourette were in the tunnel, backing along it, watching for pursuit.