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Yonder taks a long bend to the south afore it wins to the sea, and besides, Yondermouth is a well-kenned fisher toun where lawless doings wad be bridled--a toun like our ain Leven or Anster.

He claims on that occasion to have laid a trap for the accused and to have informed two men of undoubted Christian conversation of his purpose, and he claims that on the next day the same witnesses at the toun of Chasehope were cognizant of the success of his trap.

But o word, lordynges, herkneth er I go, It were ful hard to fynde nowadayes In al a toun Grisildis thre or two, For it that they were put to swiche assayes, The gold of hem hath now so badde alayes With bras, that thogh the coyne be fair at eye, It wolde rather breste atwo than plye.

Now was ther thanne a justice in that toun, That governour was of that regioun, And so bifel this juge hise eyen caste Upon this mayde, avysynge hym ful faste As she cam forby, ther as this juge stood.

Therto he strong was as a champioun, He knew the tavernes wel in every toun And everich hostiler and tappestere Bet than a lazar or a beggestere.

The fame anon thurgh Rome toun is born How Alla kyng shal comen on pilgrymage, By herbergeours that wenten hym biforn, For which the Senatour, as was usage, Rood hym agayns, and many of his lynage, As wel to shewen his heighe magnificence As to doon any kyng a reverence.

But atte laste, to tellen short and pleyn, The sergeantz of the toun of Rome hem soghte, And hem biforn Almache the Prefect broghte, Which hem opposed, and knew al hire entente, And to the ymage of Juppiter hem sente, And seyde, "Whoso wol nat sacrifise, Swap of his heed, this my sentence heer.

And right anoon, withouten moore abood, His baner he desplayeth, and forth rood To Thebesward, and al his hoost biside, No neer Atthenes wolde he go ne ride, Ne take his ese fully half a day, But onward on his wey that nyght he lay- And sente anon Ypolita the queene, And Emelye, hir yonge suster sheene, Unto the toun of Atthenes to dwelle- And forth he rit.

Noght oonly of Saluces in the toun Publiced was the bountee of hir name, But eek biside in many a regioun, If oon seide wel, another seyde the same.

The careyne in the busk with throte ycorve, A thousand slayn, and nat of qualm ystorve, The tiraunt with the pray by force yraft, The toun destroyed, ther was nothyng laft.

For whan she saugh that Romayns wan the toun, She took hir children alle and skipte adoun Into the fyr, and chees rather to dye Than any Romayn dide hir vileynye.

For which, by greet deliberacioun, He sente after a cherl, was in the toun, Which that he knew for subtil and for boold.

For which anon duc Theseus leet crye, To stynten alle rancour and envye, The gree, as wel of o syde as of oother, And eyther syde ylik as ootheres brother, And yaf hem yiftes after hir degree, And fully heeld a feeste dayes three, And convoyed the kynges worthily Out of his toun a journee, largely.

Ther is, at the west syde of Ytaille, Doun at the roote of Vesulus the colde, A lusty playne, habundant of vitaille, Where many a tour and toun thou mayst biholde That founded were in tyme of fadres olde, And many another delitable sighte, And Saluces this noble contree highte.

And thaireftir, his body to be tane upon the said Row, and set up, in ane publict place, betwix the place of Wariestoune and the toun of Leyth.