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touching wood

vb. (present participle of touch wood English)

Touching Wood

Touching Wood (1979–2004) was an American-bred, British-trained Thoroughbred racehorse and sire best known for winning the classic St Leger Stakes in 1982. Touching Wood was still a maiden when he finished second to Golden Fleece in the 1982 Epsom Derby. In the autumn of 1982 he became the first horse in 53 years to win both the St Leger Stakes and the Irish St Leger and was the first classic winner owned by a member of the Maktoum family. He was retired to stud and had some success as a sire of winners before his death in New Zealand in 2004.

Usage examples of "touching wood".

But, too, it is not like the descending ease of a curved blade, little more than a momentary whisper, the stroke delivered from behind, dividing the vertebrae, opening the neck, then arrested, with the small, sharp sound of touching wood.

Then, having gazed his fill and taken a fresh set of bearings, he would walk on, crossing the next promontory to the farther strand, where, touching wood, he would find the boat hauled up and smoke rising from the evening fire.

His hands were touching wood, and a slight breeze tousled his hair.