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TOU or Tou may refer to:

  • Terms of use, rules which one must agree to abide by in order to use a service
  • Top of Utah, marathon
  • Tour of Utah, cycling
  • Tou, king of Hamath, Syria
  • Cordia subcordata, also known as the Tou tree
Tou (brewery)

Tou (Tou bryggeri) was a brewery established in 1855 at Tau near Stavanger, Norway. In 1901, the production of beer was moved to Lervik in Stavanger. In the 1970s the production was again moved to new facilities in Forus. The brewery was later acquired by the Ringnes brewery in Oslo. The Tou brewery was shut down on 15 August 2007.

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Usage examples of "tou".

The sarcophagus on the left is that of his principal wife, Tou Wan, who predeceased him, and my ancestor sleeps on the right.

I stepped back, panting, and we stood in silence and gazed at the burial dress of Tou Wan, the bride of the Laughing Prince.

That was when the Laughing Prince and Tou Wan kept a palace in Hangchow, and Tou Wan's maid would have accompanied her between Hangchow and the Valley of Sorrows.

What must it have been like to live in the shadow of Tou Wan, and to be at the command of a lunatic torturer and murderer like the Laughing Prince?

Looming over all of them had been the strange power of a mysterious stone, and Master Li had the stone in mind as he led the way to the burial chamber and the exposed mummy of Tou Wan.

A shaft of splintered wood at least three inches thick had struck her square in the chest like a bolt from a catapult, and she was as dead as Tou Wan.

She sees the world as a Tylwyn Tou sees the world, and is more kin and friend to my people than to her own.

If the Tylwyn Doc and the Tylwyn Tou were at war, and all that remained were the two of us, would we continue the battle?

All gathered sang a common song, one known to Touel’alfar and Doc’alfar alike, of a time far, far removed, when the race of Tou were one.

At the end of one long hall and through great double doors, Lozan Duk looked again on the strange woman who had accompanied the Tylwyn Tou traveler through Tymwyvenne years before.