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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Toty \Tot"y\, a. Totty. [Obs.]

My head is toty of my swink to-night.


Toty \To"ty\, n. A sailor or fisherman; -- so called in some parts of the Pacific.

Usage examples of "toty".

Thia loved tending it, although she preferred flowers to the mundane cabbages, turnips, toties, and fingerlings.

Barrels of salted meat were stacked in storerooms and cellars alongside sacks of brown toties and large purple turnips.

Collegii Jurisconsultorum laboravit, et ego, ut alias testatus sum, bis a medicorum Patavino, toties filius meus natu major, a Ticinensi, uterque a Mediolanensi rejecti sumus.

By merely dropping all the statutes, it should seem that none but clerks would be entitled to this privilege, and that they would, toties quoties.