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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Totty \Tot"ty\, a. [OE. toti. Cf. Totter.] Unsteady; dizzy; tottery. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.]
--Sir W. Scott.

For yet his noule [head] was totty of the must.


Etymology 1 n. 1 (context British slang English English) sexually attractive women considered collectively; usually connoting a connection with the 2 (context slang English English) an individual sexually attractive woman Etymology 2

a. (context UK obsolete dialect English) unsteady; dizzy; tottery

Usage examples of "totty".

On Sunday evening, a day or two after the conversation just reported between Jack and Totty, Bunce took his children to Battersea Park.

Well, they came and assegaied all the other Totties, and stood under my tree cleaning their spears and getting their breath, for one of my brothers had given them a good run.

Totty and Miss West chatted a little longer, then put on their hats to have a ramble in Lambeth Walk.

Totty and to feel an uneasiness about her associating with his children.

Totty smiled ever so slightly with only his eyes and moved aside to accommodate the third member of their little unholy trinity.

Whereupon the father, shaking with silent laughter, set Totty on the white deal table and desired her to kiss him.